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Why is Canada the best country to get your education?

Canada has been recently proclaimed as the best international destination to study and launch your career. The following are the reasons which make Canada the top destination selected by international students to continue their education:

Working while studying– Unlike most other countries, if you’re a student in Canada, you can start earning while studying which is very useful to get the necessary financial freedom and work experience. Most international students can work for 20 hours per week and full time during scheduled breaks even without the work permit. Students can choose between on-campus jobs that are provided by the employers on the institute or can even choose to work off-campus for an employer outside the institute.

Lower tuition fees– Even though the fees taken by Canadian institutes can seem costly for most international students, Canadian tuition fees are comparatively lower than other countries like the US, UK, and Australia. Also, as students are allowed to work in Canada, they can cover the tuition fees on their own while studying.

Canada is home to thousands of immigrants– Immigrants in Canada are estimated to be about half a million. This means there is a lesser stigma for immigrants and very low chances of discrimination by the citizens of Canada who are very accepting of immigrants.

Top-quality education– Canada has the finest learning institutions in the world with internationally-renounced institutes that are well-funded and attract the very best faculties and offer the most advanced courses. Studying in Canada can give your career a huge boost.

Post-graduation work permit– Unlike other countries, Canada gives the immigrant students a chance to work after they have graduated from a designated learning institute. PGWP is given to students based on the time they’ve taken to graduate from their selected program in the DLI and can get a maximum work permit of 3 years. PGWP can help candidates gather the required work experience to apply for permanent residence under the Canadian Express Entry system.

Immigration pathways– Canada has several immigration pathways to help immigrants get their permanent residence based on their study and work experience. Under the Express Entry system, candidates are scored on the bases of their education, work experience, age, and proficiency in either English or French. There are also various provinces that can select candidates based on their labor market requirements and award them additional points in Express Entry to guarantee their permanent residence.

Sponsorships- Canada allows its permanent residents and citizens to sponsor their spouses, extended family, and their kids and makes it easier for them to get the permanent residence in Canada.

Getting Citizenship– Canadian PR holders can get their citizenship after living in Canada for the required time, When they become citizens of Canada, they are allowed to vote, travel to other countries without the need of renewing their PR, and can get the Canadian passport which is one of the most valuable passports in the world and can allow you to travel to around 184 countries without a visa. Canada also allows its citizens to get dual citizenship if their parent country allows it.

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