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Who will be better for Indian immigrants Trump or Biden?

In this article, we will analyse and predicts how the results from the 2020 American elections will affect immigration from India to the United States. We will deep dive in both the scenarios of the outcome and discuss the pros and cons. 

In case if Joe Biden wins the election, he has already committed that he will remove all the anti-immigration passed by the Trump administration recently. So it is plausible that the Biden administration can remove the ban of Immigrants from prominently Muslim countries. Joe acknowledges that immigrants bring economic, social and cultural value to the States. He claims to be working on making new reforms in favour of immigration, and this could provide a green card to 5,00,000 immigrants from India.

Biden aims to bring changes to the current system to pull and retain highly skilled workers, protect American wages and also remove the restriction on employment-based immigration. But the changes announced by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Labor (DOL) would be difficult to rescind, as the changes by DHS  are going to be accessible for public review for 60 days but the DOL salary changes are already effective from 8th October.  Such an immigration system will ensure that America has high skilled workers to retain a competitive and innovative edge over others and also provide protection to American jobs. 

Apart from immigration, Biden considers India as an ally and wishes to collaborate with them more in the future on security, trade and climate change issues which are significant topics for growth in the US as well as India.  

On the other hand, if Donald Trump wins the Presidential election, following the current trend, he is going to make immigration regulations much stricter. In the last few weeks itself, the Trump administration has put out new regulations and policy changes certain parts of immigration, especially the temporary work visa. It has been evident throughout Trump’s presidency about his anti-immigrant stand, which has reflected in issues such as border patrol, deportation, refugee asylum, entry to high skilled workers. All these policies have seen an increased amount of visa denials and a decline in the rush to the United States. These policy changes have faced scrutiny from massive tech giants, Congress as well as Educational institutions among a lot of many others affected by them. 

Throughout Trump’s campaign in 2016, he has rallied behind the main agenda to protect American jobs.  With the advent of COVID-19, he has emphasised his resolve to make sure American jobs are not lost. The two latest changes in the immigration policy issued by DHS and DOJ will hurt the H-1B program significantly. Department of Labors change in the pay for H-1B workers will have an adverse economic effect on employers. Also, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) changes will require the tech companies to change their business model entirely as placing their workers at their customers’ site will be very difficult and hard to manage financially.

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