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US Passport Has Been Designated As ‘World’s Most Powerful’ For 2022

According to Global Citizen Solution’s Global Passport Index, the Americas have the “world’s most powerful passport” this year, meaning that the US passport may be more useful than prior rankings from other sources suggest.

Global Citizens, a consultancy firm based in Portugal, named the United States the “world’s strongest passport” for 2022, based on investment, quality of life, and amplified mobility indices, the latter of which is a significant determinant commonly used in ranking passports to evaluate how easy it is for a passport holder to enter other countries.

According to the survey, the United States ranked fourth in terms of investment prospects, with a GNP of $66,080 and a personal tax rate of 37%.

According to the study’s data consultants, the investment opportunities ranking evaluates a “country’s desirability as an investment opportunity for passport holders.”

In terms of enticing ex-pats, retirees, or anyone seeking good living conditions abroad, the United States scored 23rd in quality-of-life factors such as safety, presence of travel hubs, freedom, environmental performance, and happiness index.

The United States was ranked tenth for granting visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to 172 countries or territories, the third-highest rating among non-European Union countries, trailing only Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

“The United States offers investors a developed and diversified economic market as well as access to the most advanced and lucrative consumer market in the world,” Patricia Casaburi, Managing Director of Global Citizen Solutions, said in a statement. “Given the popularity of investment programs in return for a green card, the US has consistently laid out opportunities for economic success.”

The 2021 Henley Passport Index did not include the US passport in its top five because it was mainly based on the overall number of destinations holders can access without having to apply for a visa, this new report included other factors (such as the ease of opening a business in the U.S.) in its scoring, as evidenced by a “renewed interest in the benefits of acquiring a second passport,” according to Global Citizens.

Global Citizens claim that their research is unique because it more heavily weighted special considerations, such as the logistical process of obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), on-arrival visas, or Electronic Visas, because they influence one’s decision to live abroad, from retirees to ex-pats to students.

The Global Passport Index assessed the desirability of a passport using the three indicators listed above, weighing mobility at 50% and investment and quality of life at 25% each. Overall, the United States received a score of 96.4 out of 100.

Interestingly, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea were not included in the ranking, despite the fact that all three Asian countries are often regarded as having excellent passports.

“The ranking ultimately allows individuals to see a comprehensive overview of mobility, investment potential, and country attractiveness,” said Casaburi.

The top ten passports, according to the Global Passport Index, are as follows:

  • United States of America
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • The Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • New Zealand

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