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UK’s latest International Education strategy gives Indian students an edge over others

The UK’s International Education Strategy was first published in March 2019 and was adopted as an effective and systematic international education system, strengthened by the reintroduction of working visas for UK students studying abroad. 

The ambitious UK International Education Strategy plans on expanding international education by focusing on India, improving the experience of international students and opportunities to support online education. 

The focus on India is at the heart of the UK government’s new commitment to the importance of international education outlined in its latest International Education strategy. 

The strategy underpins their goal of increasing education expenditure by 75% to £ 35 billion annually by 2030 and emphasizes Indian students and the UK Indian education partnership as a key component of these aspirations. 

The new UK strategy focuses on increasing the number of Indian students and other international students in the UK. The UK government and education institutes will focus on creating higher education opportunities for Indians. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to reinforce this message in a planned visit to India later this year. This strategy incorporates a greater focus on UK graduate results and performance. 

The strategy also helps us identify some newer resolutions –  

Identifying and resolving barriers to the recognition of online and integrated online learning, a critical area in international education. 

The UK National Education Strategy was first published in March 2019 and was adopted as a good and systematic way of international education. This would help strengthen the renewal of postgraduate work visas for UK students abroad. 

It is a joint report from the Department of Education and the Department of International Trade with the support of various governments and is made possible by input from the U.S. Department of Education, international students, and International Education Champion, according to Sir Steve Smith. 

The government will work on the implementation of organizations such as UCAS, which would help the U.K. Council sustain International Student Affairs and regain control over student offices. 

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