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U.S. Government in a dilemma as new immigration changes bring backlash

After a week-long bus ride from Honduras, Isabel Osorio Medina arrived in northern Mexico in the hope that President Joe Biden would make it easier for people like her to enter the United States. 

“It looks like the new President wants to help the immigrants,” Osorio said as he prepared to enter a cheap hotel in downtown Tijuana before heading to the US “They said he would help, but I don’t know for sure how true or not it is.” 

The 63-year-old is one of the thousands of people who have come to the U.S. border from Mexico in the hope that they will be able to apply for asylum and then enter the United States as former President Donald Trump is no longer in office. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has announced measures to end agreements with Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. He said the United States was a “country with borders and laws that should be enforced.” Many people have been arriving at the camp in Matamoros, Mexico, a dangerous city just south of the Texas border. Biden officials announced Friday that it would allow for an estimated 25,000 people to enter the United States. The first wave is expected on February 19. 

While Biden took major steps in his first weeks in office to change Trump’s tough immigration policies, his administration did not remove some of the most important barriers to asylum seekers.  

In fact, it is disappointing for people to come to the country, hoping to avoid what happened under Trump and former President Barack Obama. 

Biden officials have signed several immigration managements orders. The debate is tense as tens of thousands flee from gangs, natural disasters, and political unrest. The number of people caught at the border has increased since January, though less than at previous times. “Asylum procedures will not happen immediately,” Psaki said. “It will take time to do.”  

Authorities fear that as news spreads about this release, more people will come. Texas and Arizona have both sued to suspend Biden’s 100-day ban. ICE officials are complaining about proposed legislation to focus on the illegal detention of people in the country who claim to have national security threats. “You can’t be surprised when you see so many people you have to treat,” Feere said. The deputy head of Border Patrol said it had found that the reform group in Biden was “paying close attention” to these issues. The biggest controversy was lost for Osorio, who came to Tijuana to seek asylum because he heard Biden wanted to help people like him. Because he could not seek refuge at the crossroads of San Diego, some immigrants told him where he could try to cross. 

While Joe Biden’s new government still works to rebuild the US economy and immigration measures, a lot of ups and downs are seen as he tries to reverse or retain some of the orders set out by previous Presidents.  

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