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Top 6 reasons to study in UK

There are various reasons to choose the United Kingdom over other countries as it provides the most cosmopolitan culture, enriching experience and academics in addition to a lifetime of opportunities to develop an amazing career. If you are pondering making a robust career in the UK then you must read this article till the end to find out more.

A few relevant points to remember while you plan to study in the United Kingdom.

1. Variety of courses

For short-term candidates, the UK provides one-year master’s programs which are shortened programs and are equivalent to the standard two-year masters programs offered around the world. In fact, various fast-track courses are offered by British universities where one can receive a masters degree at an undergraduate level. 

There are some popular courses in the UK for overseas students, like, Business Studies, Undergraduate Law, Economics, Art & Design, Accounting & Finance, Computer Science, Politics, Mechanical Engineering, Biological Sciences. 

2. Exceptional pedagogy

In contrast to their lessons, students in the United Kingdom are motivated to learn in smaller groups; they are part of a multi-country student community to work together on different projects and presentations. They are also motivated to share their views and debate so that there is also a space for the exchange of ideas.

Depending on the programme of the course, the students can gain  work experience, access the lab and participate in various workshops as part of the curriculum which enhances their logical reasoning and critical thinking. In addition, UK universities recommend students to read enough reference books during their leisure time so they are well educated about various market scenarios.

3. Availability of Scholarships 

The United Kingdom is renowned for some of the best scholarships provided to foreign students that offered by the government, universities and a number of private trusts. The sum of scholarships varies on the student’s qualifications, but we would encourage students to consider all possibilities of receiving a fellowship.

Some of the famous scholarship are:

  • Charles Wallace India trust
  • Goa Education Trust (GET) Scholarship
  • Great Scholarship
  • Hornby Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarships & Fellowships Plan
  • Scotland Saltire Scholarship

To know more about seeking scholarships in UK, check out our article article “Scholarships to study in UK” here –

4. Easy accommodation

Most institutions offer student residence to all foreign students, and they are expected to ensure that they interact well in advance with their institution to ensure that they live on campus. As a student, one can choose from a range of choices, from self-catering to on-campus and off-campus to on-site to shared, and many more. The cost of living on campus depends on the choice of housing one chooses to live in. So you can tell, it is great living in the UK. 

5. Expansive work opportunities

Students in the UK who follow a degree course are permitted to work part-time during their term period, to work 20 hours a week during the term, and to work full time, i.e. 40 hours a week.

Every university in the United Kingdom has a dedicated Career service unit that assists students during the year on how to make an influential portfolio,  find the right work, and  prepare for an interview.

6. Hasslefree commuting

Traveling across most of the United Kingdom’s cities is very easy and cost-effective. If a student lives on campus, he/she can find no cost to move around the campus offered by the university. Mostly, students are expected to take a bike to get around the campus as well as the city – the major cities in the UK have underground networks to make transport easier and safer.  

If you plan to study in the United Kingdom, you might get a chance to study at some of the world’s best universities, institutions that spawn world-class research. With the best corporate homes that support students with high plausibility of full-time employment and internships, studying in the UK will change your life forever. 

We hope this article helped you get better insights about living a student life in the UK. 

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