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Three Countries Have Removed COVID-19 Entry Rules For All EU Travellers

After being concluded that the COVID-19 disease no longer causes serious health implications and with the increased vaccination rates, the majority of the European countries have decided to relax their entry restrictions for incoming travellers.

While some countries have decided to remove their entry rules for all travellers, several others have decided to lift them only for European Union/Schengen Area travellers. The Netherlands, Czechia, and Estonia are the most recent countries to lift all of their COVID-19 restrictions for travellers from the EU/Schengen countries.

The Dutch authorities announced earlier in March that all EU/Schengen Area travellers can now enter the country without being subject to any entry rules. This means that EU/Schengen Area travellers can enter the Netherlands restriction-free even if they do not hold valid COVID-19 proof – a vaccination, recovery, or test certificate.

“For people travelling to the Netherlands from within the EU/Schengen, the obligation to have a test, recovery, or vaccination certificate will expire from March 23,”

 the statement of the government reads.

On the other hand, the Dutch government has explained that third country travellers still need to follow entry rules. Travellers from third countries are permitted entry to the Netherlands only if they hold a valid vaccination or recovery certificate. In addition, they are also required to complete the Health Declaration Form.

Similarly, Estonia has abolished its entry rules for EU/Schengen Area travellers only. The Estonian authorities announced earlier this month that travellers from the EU/Schengen Area as well as those from the United Kingdom can now enter the country without being subject to any entry restrictions.

This means that travellers from the EU/Schengen Area and those from the UK are no longer required to present a valid COVID-19 certificate upon their arrival in the Baltic state.

As for third-country travellers, the government has clarified that they still must meet the entry rules. According to the Estonian authorities, all third-country travellers, except for those from the UK, must present a valid vaccination, recovery, or test certificate in order to be permitted entry.

Czechia has also lifted its entry rules only for EU/Schengen Area travellers. Since March 18, travellers from the EU/Schengen Area have been able to enter Czechia restriction-free regardless of their vaccination or recovery status.

“Returns from EU countries and Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican are unrestricted,”

 the Estonian Ministry of Health stated earlier in March.

In contrast, the Ministry emphasised that third country travellers are still required to follow the entry rules. Persons who reach Czechia from a third country are required to present a valid vaccination or recovery certificate or undergo double testing if they do not hold one of these two documents. In addition, third-country travellers are also required to fill out the Passenger Locator Form.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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