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Student Speaks – Finding the motivation to study!

Finding the motivation to study is something that students all over the globe struggle with! Just because I am writing an article to help others out, does not mean I am any better at it! But most days, I have found a few methods to be highly effective, especially when you are in University and have to meet close deadlines and learn advanced concepts quickly.

As a university student, one of the greatest resources at your disposal is the library. For many students, they assume the library to be a place where only the most studious go, but that is very untrue. Nowadays, universities spend a massive chunk of their budget in the upkeep of libraries and continually make it a point to update their book collections and technology. It would be an utter waste if you do not take advantage of this! This is because studying in your dorms, or your own room can be very distracting due to the number of distractions that surround and lure you. I have found it extremely useful to go to the library and sit quietly in the corner for a while. There is this atmosphere that builds up from everyone else studying, which will surely make you want to take your books out and give it a try as well!

Moreover, many libraries have a silent study room as well, where you can peacefully study, without the noise and cacophony of the dorms. It can be quite useful to chart out library days in your weekly timetable, where you spend the greater half of the day in the library, allowing you to maintain your momentum of study.

For many students, it can be your first time living on your own, and so you might find it difficult to sit down and study for a stretch, due to the constant reminders of other things you might need to take care of, such as the laundry or making your dinner. Something that can greatly help with this is setting up a timetable. A timetable enables you to efficiently organise your tasks in a way that they do not interrupt you while you are studying, and you can study for a stretch of a few hours without worrying about anything else. The key to making an efficient timetable is to allocate enough time to relax, stretch out and do more of the things you love, while at the same time allocating enough time to other important tasks so that at the end of the day you go to bed satisfied!

Lastly, University is where you will have a unique chance to explore what method of learning really works for you; whether it be audio-visual learning through lectures, or reading textbooks and writing notes, make sure that you find a mixture that suits you, and stick to it!

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