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As the Canadian Government is opening doors to more and more immigrants to boost their growth, there has been a lot of issues related to the ongoing struggles of skilled immigrants. Lack of experience in creating an appropriate resume is what causes most of the ruckus in finding jobs. Students preparing to embark on a journey towards knowledge generally tend to rely on part-time jobs. From a McDonald’s employee to a Software Developer, every single job posting requires an outstanding Resume/CV. Even working in a warehouse requires a specific type of resume. Have you heard about the saying first impressions last?

This is where survival or part-time jobs comes into the picture. International Students require a job to pay their wide range of bills and assess their academic necessity. Therefore, they need to ensure that they create a professional and easy-to-read resume. Managers/Recruiters do accept online resumes but the probability of them calling is almost neglectable. You need to hand out your details personally to managers (strictly managers only). Staff members are busy enough to not indulge in your application. Sometimes the resume that you provide to the employees never reaches the head of the organization.

There has been an all-time discussion on how to present your resume for the field of work you are applying for. Employers cite inadequate language skills and a lack of intercultural awareness as reasons for not hiring a skilled international graduate. Bosses like to meet applicants who think out of the box and perform likewise.

Resume building can be assessed by your overall knowledge about the required skillset in a particular job. You cannot bring a software engineer skillset written down in your work experience to a warehouse that requires manual labour work. There needs to be a specific format for introducing your information.

Most of the students are capable enough to generate a mediocre level Resume. Here are listed some of the important steps to highlights skills and experience relevant to that job.

  • Edit your summary/profile: Always modify your summary description to what your job qualification requires.
  • Mention only the necessary information: As described earlier it wouldn’t matter if you are applying for a Forklift operator and are mentioning 10 different internships in the field of IT on your resume.
  • Relevant Keywords: Nowadays, most of the organization and companies are using the help of Keyword Search Engine. They usually scan your CV and search for the most relevant keywords. A person who has included Finance Head, Marketing, Sales, Management would likely have more chance of acquiring a job in a Bank rather than someone mentioning Web Developer, Adobe Photoshop.
  • Consistency: Be sure you check your details thoroughly before proceeding. Using bullet points to describe your achievements as well as to describe your academics. Don’t use bullet points in one section, and diamond bullet points in another section. Be consistent with font, font size, and style. Use pre-built templates if you need a makeover.

Different jobs require certain skills. Make sure you provide it in your resume. Update your resume accordingly. Disappointment shouldn’t be a concern. Keep trying until and unless you have created a perfect resume for your ideal job.

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