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Cost of studying in Canada in the year 2021.

With beautiful cities, abundant natural terrains, and peaceful towns, there is no
more ideological country to study than Canada. Not surprisingly, students from
186 countries come to Canada to study in some of the best universities in the
world. The campuses are located amidst amazing mountains, in the middle of
urban cities, and offer a beautiful view no matter where they are situated. There
is an important aspect one needs to know before joining the colleges is the cost of
studying in Canada in 2021.
In 2017, Canadian advanced education would just cost around Canadian Dollars
(CAD) 19,500 and included the educational expenses and rent. Here’s an updated
estimate for the year 2020/2021, according to CanadianVisa.Org.

Study Expenses

University Fee Statistics Canada estimates that the average MBA program costs
CAD 27,397 per year, undergraduate programs cost around CAD 29,714 per year,
while the postgraduate programs can reach CAD 17,744 per year. Undergraduate
courses such as dentistry, medicine, and law, require higher tuition cost, but
social sciences, humanities, and education programs are relatively cheaper.
One also needs to calculate the university application fee, which usually starts at
CAD 100 and can go up to CAD 500. These expenses are non-refundable, whether
you get accepted or not.

Visa Expenses

A temporary travel visa is issued at a cost of CAD 150 when an individual applies
for a study permit for Canada. One can also apply for an additional work permit
for CAD 155 and will require this permit to work on or off-campus for 20 hours
per week.

Living Expenses

International students can work part-time in Canada, making extra income to help
themselves. One must have a budget of at least CAD 10,000 for annual living
expenses, excluding housing. Campus facilities cost between CAD 3,000 and CAD
7,500 per year, while private shared housing costs CAD 8,400 (excluding bills).
Food and drink are also a big part of living expenses. One can expect to spend
CAD 17 to CAD 35 to eat at a restaurant, while takeaway meals will cost
somewhere between CAD 10 and CAD 15.
The new estimate states that on average a student in Canada pays the following
prices for other residential expenses:

  •  CAD 76.51 per month for unlimited internet
  •  CAD 50.00 per month for gym fees
  •  CAD 97 per month for a public transportation pass
  •  CAD 600-800 per year for health insurance

It should be noted that Canada is a big country and the above-mentioned costs
vary from place to place. In addition to the basic costs, one should consider the
immigration policies as well as the safe and tolerant communities of different
states and provinces of Canada when deciding where to study abroad.

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