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Canadian Job Market: 62% Rise In Job Vacancies, Opportunities For International Students

Though the world is again entering a lockdown due to rising Omicron infections, the job market of Canada is showing signs of recovery with the rising number of jobs.

Job vacancies in Canada are anticipated to rise an all-time high in the third quarter of 2021, according to the latest study. Statistics Canada (StatsCan) reports 912,600 job vacancies in the third quarter, citing overall employment growth and lowering unemployment rates as the reasons for the figures.

The increase in job prospects comes as the country’s economy recovers from the relaxation of public health regulations. Saskatchewan has seen the greatest increase in job openings in Canada, followed by Quebec and Ontario.

According to StatCan, five industries accounted for around two-thirds of the increase: healthcare and social support, lodging and food services, infrastructure, retail industries, and production.

“The record-high job vacancies observed in recent months has focused attention on the extent to which unmet labour demand will contribute to upward pressure on wages,” it states.

This is especially noticeable in healthcare and social assistance, where rising economic output is nevertheless limited by inadequate labour demands. Although more employees may be available, StatsCan reports that between the third quarters of 2019 and the third quarter of 2021, there are more vacancies in low-wage occupations than in high-wage occupations.

In comparison to 2019, payroll employment in the food services and lodging industry, manufacturing, and retail and trade all show a decline.

Several factors, according to StatsCan, contributed to these statistics, including the need to fill vacant positions when firms restart operations in the summer of 2021 following Covid-19 shutdowns.

For international students in Canada who are having difficulty finding post-graduation employment, this could involve applying for positions for which they are highly qualified, or finding careers in industries other than their majors.

Addressing unmet labour demand in Canada may be a temporary answer until the road to a more stable, high-paying career opens up. Existing job openings centred on low-wage professions will almost certainly not assist to relieve the unemployment crisis that foreign students are experiencing.

They generally make less money than their local peers, and measures like the post-graduate work permit (PGWP) do not necessarily facilitate the transition into the Canadian workforce.

Although a Canadian degree might have a significant payoff, international students have numerous disadvantages when it comes to finding solid long-term employment. For students who are freshers or are just graduated, they are frequently passed over for local applicants for part-time work and internships while studying.

According to the Vancouver Sun, this is probably why most overseas students, whether they wanted to stay in Canada or not, depart after graduation.

The report also lists down several skills and capabilities that Canadian employers look for. Active listening abilities are valued in 83.9 per cent of open positions, while critical thinking, sophisticated problem solving, and technical skills are highly valued in the Canadian labour market.

Speaking, social awareness, and time management, are also highly appreciated in Canadian occupations that need to be filled. Nonetheless, the Canadian job market appears to be improving.

According to the study, overall employment increased by 1,85,000 in October and November, with the unemployment rate falling to 6.0 per cent.

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