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Canada Medical Upfronts start from June 29th, book an appointment now!

Due to the second wave of COVID that tragically hit India, the medical exams for visitors, students, and workers had been halted. Now that the COVID cases are dropping day by day and the situation seems to be getting in some control, the appointments for these medical exams for Canadian visa applicants have started and they shall be resting services starting 29th June 2021.

If the applicant wants to arrange an immigration medical examination (IME), check to see if the panel physician’s office is open and conducting exams. Here’s a link to find out the list of the panel physicians available in your country:

One can get a medical examination either before or after their visa application. They shall send an email to give the details on how to schedule a medical checkup. Within 30 days of obtaining these instructions, one must schedule a medical exam.

Applicants must bring the following to their medical checkup appointment:

  1. Valid Identification: at least one government-issued document with their photograph and signature, such as a passport or a national identification card.
  2. If they were glasses or contact lenses, inform the doctor about the same.
  3. Any medical reports or tests that one may have for any past or current medical problems. 
  4. If one does not have an up-front medical checkup, they shall have to fill out the Medical Report form (IMM 1017E) with a list of their current prescriptions.
  5. Bring proof of any COVID-19 vaccination if they have one (this is not mandatory). The panel physician is bound to include it in your record along with your exam.

When you arrive you must pay all expenses associated with the medical exam, including the charge for the doctor or radiologist, any further tests, investigations, or treatment, and any specialists you need to visit.

When you get there:

To establish your identity, the panel physician or clinic staff will ask for identification. They will also take a picture of you for their records.

With your permission, the doctor will complete a medical history questionnaire. This survey is for any prior or current medical problems. They will also inquire about any medications one is currently taking.

Any prior or current medical problems should be disclosed to the panel physician. If you don’t, it may take longer to process your medical exam.

A physical examination will be performed on you. The doctor or the staff at the medical clinic will do the following checks:

  • Measure your weight and height
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Check your hearing and eyesight
  • Take blood and urine samples
  • Take chest x-ray

The physician will email the results to the IRCC when the exam is completed. You will receive a certification from the doctor stating that you have undergone a medical examination. However, your medical exam results are only valid for a year. If you do not travel, study, or work in Canada within that time frame, you may need to retake the exam.

To learn about how to get yourself a biometrics appointment that VFS just resumed services for, click the link below:

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