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By early July, Canada intends to remove the quarantine on exempt travelers

For the first step of reducing travel restrictions, the health minister intends to reduce quarantine regulations for exempt passengers who are fully vaccinated. Canadians and exempt travellers who are fully vaccinated will soon face a new quarantine requirement.

Travellers who have already been exempt from travel restrictions will not have to quarantine for the entire 14 days if they have gotten a second dose of COVID-19 vaccination within 14 days of arrival, according to Health Minister Patty Had.

The health minister did not specify a specific date for when these changes will take effect but said it will be early July if cases continue to drop. The federal government is still talking with provincial governments, as well as the departments of public safety and immigration, according to Hajdu. The overall approximate estimate is the first week of July.

Only vaccinations that have been approved in Canada will be accepted, according to Hajdu. Astra Zeneca, Johnson &Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer are the four vaccines that Canada has authorized so far. Health Canada will evaluate alternative vaccinations in the future, according to Hajdu.

Canada would take a progressive approach to modify border restrictions, according to Hajdu, echoing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s prior pronouncements.

Travellers will still need to show up at the border with a negative PCR COVID test and a plan for quarantine while they wait for the results. If the test results are negative, they might be allowed to leave in even one day.

Since March 2020, when Canada fell under lockdown, travel restrictions and enforced quarantine measures have been in force. Since February, a three-day hotel stay quarantine has been in effect.

The COVID-19 testing and screening expert advisory panel in Canada urged for the termination of the hotel quarantine requirements for all travellers last month, soon after the limitations were extended until June 21. They said that it is unclear whether or not the hotel’s quarantine system works.

Border restrictions may be eased by the end of June or early July, according to government sources. In keeping recent public opinion research, Trudeau previously stated that Canada is not in a hurry to restore the border. However, during the last week, Trudeau has stated that Canada is considering a phased-in strategy to enabling cross-border travel.

The administration has yet to announce an official date for the border’s reopening.

For Indian students travelling abroad, here’s how you need to register to get fully vaccinated within just 28 days of your first dose:

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