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Alberta PNP application introduces a new online portal and fee structure.

A new online portal has been introduced for the Alberta PNP applicants with an updated fee structure.

Applications for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) can be submitted online as of October 1, with the Self-Employed Farmer Stream as an exception.

Applicants in the Alberta Express Entry system have to be authorized by AINP to access the online portal.

In a media statement, AINP has said that the introduction of the online application portal will make the process of applying for immigration easier than it was before. Additionally, the online portal has some new features that will provide information and tips such as:

  • How to enter data.
  • Customized list of required documents.
  • Saving the application as a draft.

The online portal assesses the data provided by the candidate first and ensures that only those candidates who meet the basic criteria submit the application.

Another major change by AINP is the change in fee structure. Those candidates who apply through the portal have to fork out around 500 CAD as a processing fee. The fee is non-refundable under any circumstances after the application is submitted, disregarding whether the application is approved or not.

Moreover, for post-decision requests on applications such as reconsideration, nomination extensions, and nominee requests for letters of support will bear a fee. Requests sent to the government after October 1 will cost 100 CAD. A letter of support will now have to be requested by the PNP applicant and will not be issued with the nomination.

Refunds will only be given in a case where the decision is reconsidered and reversed.

Updates on the application will be sent by e-mail, even if the candidate has applied through the mail. Candidates are required to send e-mails to AINP regarding:

  • Corrections or updates to information or documents in the application.
  • Updates to employment status, immigration status, contact information, or family composition.
  • Updates to use of a third party representative.
  • Application withdrawal.

AINP will not accept incomplete applications and will be declined. Candidates who have lost their jobs after applying to AINP will have up to 6 months by the time their application is assessed to find a new job and update their application.

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