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A Complete Guide to Study Masters in the UK

While an undergraduate degree may provide you with the training needed to get into a job in the field, a postgraduation makes you fall in love with the subject. The Master’s programs let you have a rounded view of the academic and practical aspects of the subject while helping you develop the soft skills needed to land on a dream career. 

While planning for a postgraduate degree, the United Kingdom is the easy choice among all students since the country has everything a student is looking for. To help you execute your master plan, we are here with a complete student guide for a master’s degree in the UK.

Best Universities for Masters

With an appealing educational system and tremendous job opportunities, 4 UK Universities have rightly ranked among the top 10 universities worldwide. Those are the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and the University College London. Besides, various institutes provide postgraduate courses in multiple disciplines like science, engineering, business, art, literature, communication, psychology, medicine, media studies, law, sociology, architecture, history, commerce, finance, aviation, economics, data science, and much more. The UK also has a pre-master course that acts as a preparatory course to polish your language and communication skills. After graduation, you get the allowance to stay back in the UK for two years to find a job and settle down in the beautiful country.

Admission criteria: eligibility and requirements 

Do the homework before you set out on your dream journey. Ensure you satisfy the eligibility criteria for a masters degree in the UK and have all the relevant documents before you apply.

  • Academic training: A bachelor’s degree in a similar or related field is a must for applying to postgraduation programmes. Some Universities might ask for a minimum CGPA for which you have to produce the academic transcripts.
  • English language skills: Since the UK is a 100% English speaking country, all lesson will be in English. Hence, it would be best to show TOEFL or IELTS scores to prove you have adequate language skills.
  • Statement of Purpose: A motivation letter or a statement of purpose stating the motive and inspiration behind your application is used to evaluate your application. You may also need recommendation letter from a teacher or a mentor with whom you have had a close collaboration in the past.

Student accommodation in the UK

The student housing options in the UK are widespread and you need to research and shortlist any of them. 

  • University dorms: The student halls on campus, like the affordable student halls near Nottingham University, can be booked directly through college sites at a low price. Staying on campus saves you from long commutes and gives you access to the library and other on-campus facilities. 
  • Private flats: You can move in with your friends to private apartments embracing the sense of independent living. You can have a rental agreement either with the University or an external landlord.
  • Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA): There are student housing near Imperial College London and Newcastle College built exclusively for students with a bill covering all the amenities and supplies. There are shared spaces, sports rooms, study spaces and dining halls to facilitate social interaction. 
  • Homestay:  Homestays take your load off and let you live with a local family sharing facilities, food and a homely environment. Such an arrangement is not easy to find near the University, so you will have to bear the long commutes. 

Scholarships in the UK Universities

Though the course structure and fees differ across cities and Universities, a masters degree in the UK costs around £11,000-£32,000. Don’t lose hope; various scholarships are available for postgraduate studies in the UK, including the ones funded by the British Government, UK Universities or even private agencies. 

  • The government-funded scholarships include Commonwealth Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship, and GREAT Scholarship, awarded to students from different countries to promote cross border immersion.
  • Some of the most prestigious Universities also provide scholarships for higher studies. Gates Cambridge scholarship funded by the University of Cambridge and Rhodes Scholarship offered by the University of Oxford are among the merit-based scholarships given to highly motivated and intellectual candidates.
  • Private agencies like Euraxess and CastleSmart extend financial assistance to top students of different countries who wants to come to the UK for higher education. This is aimed at expanding and encouraging research and industry-based careers. 

Cost of living for an international student

Even if you have got your tuition fees covered via scholarships, educational loans or private sponsors, you still need a clear budget to ensure a secure life in a new country. Here is a glimpse of the expenses you might have to cover as a student. However, keep in mind that a student card allows you to have discounts on museums, libraries, restaurants, markets and other places.

  • Accommodation: Depending on the choice of location and type of accommodation, the costs can vary. An all-in-one accommodation might cost you £400-£600 per month, while a private accommodation with separate bills might cost you £320-£530 for the rent and £40-£50 for the bills.
  • Transportation: In the UK, you have a wide range of commute options like bus, train, taxi, metro, bus or flight. Though flight or taxi will cost you more than £50 to get around different cities, other options come within £2-£10 per ride.
  • Stationery: It’d be wise to set aside around £20 per month for pens, books, washy tapes, and other stationery. Using digital books or second-hand books can help you save money.
  • Meals: If you cook for yourself or take meal subscriptions, it will cost you nearly £200 every month. 
  • Refreshments: It doesn’t hurt to have a fun night out with your friends or to have a weekend getaway once in a while. Apart from the emergency funds, save a few bucks every month to enjoy your international life.

How can Amberstudent help you?

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