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With the highest mobility ratio in the world, UAE leaves behind Canada and the US in terms of a sustainable study destination

According to the Times of India, America no longer has the highest population of Indian students due to its unfriendly visa regulations and regressive policies for international students. It has seen a steady decline in the total number of Indian students as well as a decline in new admissions. According to the survey, consultant Maria Mathai stated the difference between the two types of international students. Generally, they are students who leave their families and homes to attend college. The United Arab Emirates, based on the current report, has the largest population of Indian students. Canada stands second in the row.

According to her, the UAE’s top ranking is due to the fact that several students in the UAE and Saudi Arabia have decided to join a campus there because their parents are working in those countries. Indian universities with campuses in the UAE provide a two-campus education to Indian students. Students who are nearing the end of their graduate program can apply to join the international campus. “Canada is a preferred country for high-quality, universally recognized education in an accessible, compassionate, secure, and multicultural environment,” Amanda Strohan, deputy high commissioner of Canada to India, said. She went on to say that India is now the top source country for international students studying in Canada.

“The Trump administration’s unfavorable immigration rules, which were not hospitable for students, pushed them to countries like Canada, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates,” education counselor Karan Gupta said. Apart from the fact that the UAE has a large Indian diaspora, a friend or an acquaintance is easy to contact in case of emergencies,” in addition, students on a limited budget chose the UAE. UAE has one of the highest incoming mobility ratios in the world, at 48.6%, dwarfing all other major destinations like the US, Canada, Australia. India is by far the most common country of origin for international students desiring degrees in the UAE. Indian students now account for 17% of the total international students. Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Oman are also among the top senders, preceded by Pakistan. Since 2016, the numbers have been increasing at a rate of 3% per year. The UAE government is attempting to entice students by offering gracious visa policies in order to make the country a sustainable study destination.

International students have been permitted to work part-time for designated employers in Dubai as of 2016. Students with extraordinary talent will be entitled to a 10-year residence permit. With approximately 58,000 local and 80,000 international students enrolled, the UAE is both a source and a host market.

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