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Why MBA?

The MBA is one of the most sought-after postgraduate degrees. An intensive course that provides students with the opportunity to gain essential knowledge about businesses and the intricacies involved in running them. The versatility that this course offers is what lures so many students into enrolling into this course.

Many students choose the MBA degree over any other specialisation for the same reason. The knowledge that the degree offers allows you to fundamentally face complex situations head-on and equips you with the necessary skills to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment. Moreover, gaining advice from mentors who have been in the field since a long time, facing situations that mimic real-life problems, and learning alternative ways to look at particular aspects of business decision making are all parts of the holistic approach towards education that this degree takes.

While in a senior management position, having an MBA can prove to be a very helpful value addition to your CV. Apart from the knowledge gained from the course, students also learn other essential soft skills such as public speaking or communication skills. These can come in handy when navigating the business environment.

An MBA may also present an opportunity for career progression. Upskilling has become the need of the hour in this pandemic, and therefore gaining an MBA credential will boost the number of positions you can apply for, and possibly add new vigour to your CV.

The relationships formed while earning an MBA can form lifelong networking opportunities. Pursuing an MBA at a recognized business school will allow you to connect with other bright innovative thinkers like yourself, who aim to make a mark in the business world. Therefore, it can prove to be an extremely good opportunity to establish your own network.

Apart from the generic MBA, the MBA degree has evolved to allow students to specialise in a plethora of fields, such as an MBA in Statistics, or MBA with Economics. These powerful degrees, while having an intensive course of study, equip students with a deep knowledge in whichever field they choose to specialise in, while still remaining relevant to the core competencies of an MBA degree.

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