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Which Countries Are Offering Golden Visa?

Those eligible for applying for a Golden Visa can easily acquire residency in another country, or a second passport.

In recent years, such visas have been trending and risen in popularity. As such, many countries now offer such Golden Visa programs. If you are intrigued to know which countries offer these, here is a list of countries offering the Golden Visa.


Austria is known to have one of the strictest citizenship laws in Europe. Reason why its Golden Visa’s demands are also high among possible investors. As per the program, an annual quota of 300 visas is processed, which means not many people will be able to receive residency by investing in the country.

In order to be eligible for the said visa, investors will have to directly invest in the country, i.e., either invest €3 million in a government fund, or €10 million into a business. Further, to apply for citizenship, one will have to live at least 10 years in the country.


Canada also has on offer a number of investment programs; however, the most popular one is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP). To qualify for this program, one will be required to make a bond contribution of at least CAD 1.2 million. One can then apply for citizenship after three years. However, do note that for most of Canada’s investment programs, one must have to live in the country for at least 183 days during three years.


Bulgaria is one country that will get to get the fastest citizenship pathway to Europe. To qualify for this, one will have to apply for the Bulgarian Golden Visa by buying bonds of at least €5,12,000.

They will then have to double their investment and receive citizenship within 18 months. And in case, this doesn’t happen, they can hold their initial investment and still qualify for citizenship after five years.

The United Kingdom

For those with funds or possible investors, the UK offers a Tier-1 Investor visa. As per the reports, the minimum investment is £20,00,000, which must be held in a regulated financial institution. The investor can then apply for British citizenship after a few years if they meet the rest of eligibility criteria.


The Golden Visa program in Ireland offers a residence permit that is renewable if one manages to invest at least €1 million in either investment fund, real estate fund, enterprise fund, or endowments.

Do note that one cannot qualify for citizenship with Ireland’s Golden Visa directly. They will be required to apply for citizenship through naturalization, like other nationals, if they meet the qualifying criteria.


There is a program called residency-by-investment program, which allows one to invest and become a permanent resident after five years. And if they continue to live in the country, they can acquire citizenship after 10 years.

In order to apply for Spain’s Golden Visa, one will have to invest €5,00,000 in real estate. But do note that one will have to renew their permit every two years until they become a permanent resident.


The Golden Visa program in this country slightly differs from other countries. Here, you are not required to buy funds, real estate, or government bonds. Anyone can qualify for the said program if they are able to provide proof that they pay annual taxes between CHF 1,50,000 and CHF 1 million.

But, to get citizenship and permanent residence status, one will have to live in this country for at least 10 years.

United Arab Emirates

Within its Dubai Golden Visa plan, the UAE offers a 5-year residency program and a 10-year residency program. To qualify for the 5-year option, one will be required to invest a minimum amount of AED 5 million in a property in the UAE.

Whereas to qualify for the 10-year option, one will be required to invest at least AED 10 million in public investments or possess exceptional skills.


Portugal offers one of the most lucrative Golden Visa programs in the world. One can become a Portugal resident by investing at least €5,00,000 in real estate, whereas the amount gets lowered to €4,00,000 if one decides to invest in low-density areas.

One can apply for either citizenship or permanent residency after five years. Most prefer to acquire citizenship to receive a second passport that provides access to the Schengen Area and the EU.


Anyone can qualify for the Singapore Golden Visa if they manage to invest at least SGD 2.5 million in any one of the following:

Establish a new business or invest in an existing one. Get a single-family office in the country.
Approved fund in Singapore.

Apart from this, one must be able to provide their company’s audited financial accounts or have previous business experience. Interesting point to note here is that with this program, one can even gain a permanent resident status; after remaining a permanent resident for two years, they can even go ahead and apply for citizenship. Do note that one cannot possess dual citizenship in Singapore.

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