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Things To Consider Prior To Applying For The Canadian Post-Graduation Work Permit In 2022

If you have studied from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada, you may be qualified for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). The PGWP permits you to work in Canada for a limited time, but you must first meet specific conditions in order to apply for a Canadian work permit.

As an overseas student, you can now finish up to 100 per cent of your education online from anywhere in the world, according to the Canadian government.

Between spring 2020 and August 31, 2022, all-time spent learning online from outside Canada contributes toward the length of a PGWP. This is true even if you are doing two study programs, according to its website.

You can complete 100% of your studies online if you’re pursuing two study programs:

  • Between March 2020 and summer 2022, the programs were in progress or had just begun.
  • Both study programs have a qualifying DLI and take two years to complete.
  • Each program is at least eight months long and meets all PGWP eligibility standards.

The following period will not be counted toward the length of a PGWP, according to the government:

  • After August 31, 2022, time spent studying outside of Canada is prohibited.
  • Prior to applying for a study permit, you spent time studying.

You’ll want to make sure your passport is active for the full period you’ll be travelling. If your passport is about to expire, do the following:

  • A PGWP will be issued that is valid till your passport expires.
  • If you need to prolong it to achieve full validity, you will be alerted.
  • Only if they instruct, you may you extend a PGWP. If this occurs, you must request an extension of your PGWP on paper in order for it to be valid for the full length of time it should be.

If you do not alter your category to the visitor before your student visa ends, you will have up to 90 days to apply for a PGWP and reclaim your status as a student. To regain your student visa status, you must:

  • Enrol for your PGWP online and pay the appropriate charge (CA$255) or (US$ 199.27).
  • Pay the money to regain your student status (about CA$350) or 273.51.
  • You must pay the costs to reinstate your status as a student online and include a copy of the receipt to your PGWP online application due to system limits. You will not be required to submit a separate application to regain your student status.
  • You won’t be able to work until your study and work permits are issued.

You must leave Canada if you do not apply within 90 days, or if the 90 days have already elapsed. As long as you’re eligible, you can apply for a PGWP from within Canada or from another country.

You will have up to 180 days to apply for a PGWP post the student receives:

  • A diploma or a degree
  • Transcript
  • Your school’s official letter

You have two alternatives if your study permit expires before you receive your grades:

  • To extend your stay in Canada, apply for a visitor record.
  • Leave Canada and submit an application for your PGWP.

Both online and offline applications will take roughly 105 days. Applicants to keep in mind that timeframes for the process will differ depending on:

  • The kind of application that was submitted
  • The number of applications that were received
  • How simple it is for them to verify information
  • How promptly and well you respond to any requests or issues
  • Whether or whether the application is finished

Many more people wish to move to Canada than the country’s annual immigration plan can accommodate. After the maximum number of applications has been reached, applicants may have to wait longer to be evaluated.

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