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Want To Study Abroad? Avoid These Scams While Applying

If you are planning to study abroad steer clear of these scams while applying.

Studying abroad is a big step in most students’ lives. For most Indian middle-class families, this is by far the biggest investment (and of course one of the best) they make. Yes, I am aware of buying a house, but sometimes this can be more than buying a house as well. This being a once-in-a-lifetime event and a life-changing event it needs to be a well thought of and well-researched decision.

Most of the students are the first in their family to study abroad, and the parents are not well aware of the process and the steps involved. Parents wanting the best for their wards usually fall prey to many scams (not all are scams, most are unethical practices). I am listing a few major points the students and parents should be well aware of.

Understanding Process

The application process in developed countries is very different from India. In India, we are used to focusing on a single test score or a single entrance exam which can make or break our chances, whereas in these countries we see that there is a holistic approach being taken and not focused on just a single exam.

The application process involves a lot more than a single test score, it will take into consideration your academic performance over the past few years, your extracurricular, your projects, your involvement in research, your recommendations and of course the most important ones: the essays.

Many individuals believe that if you pay enough, you can receive the score you want. Do not be taken in by these ruses! The majority of these are phishing schemes aimed at inexperienced pupils.

Technology is improving, making it easier to identify kids who have been cheating. If it is discovered that you obtained these grades by unethical means, the institution may refuse your application.

If the university discovers it after you have been admitted, begun your course, or completed your course, it has the authority to withdraw your admission and deport you. So, take the tests the right way. These are skill-based tests that might require some effort if you are not good at them, take time and practice but do not resort to unfair means.

Agents Vs. Counsellors

Do you know the difference between an agent and a counsellor? One of the best ways to check if your best interests are at the heart would be to see if the agent or counsellor is letting you apply to universities that are not partnered with them. That would be a true test.

Financial Documents Forgery

Studying abroad is not exactly a cheap affair. It can cost some good money. Many a time, parents do not have enough funds and the agents can direct them to look at unfair means. This is not just unfair but most times illegal.

If you are caught (which most of the time does happen) you will be banned permanently from applying for a visa to that country. Even if you happen to go it will be extremely difficult for you to manage.

These documents are asked as a part of the check to ensure you are able to complete your education. So, what is the right way in case of a lack of funds? Lack of funds can be an issue with many students but there are many education loan providers not to help the students with the gap.

Most of the lenders look at your ability to pay back post your education which itself can be a great check for you.

Visa Scams

Many a time, students are promised a guaranteed visa by the agents, which I can say is not possible. No agent can exercise any influence over your visas.

Guidance can be there to ensure that you put your best foot forward but pulling strings is absolutely not possible. Many people have lost money believing in these agents and also losing their passports.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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