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USA: Immigration Reforms Are Need Of The Hour, Say, Residents Of Nevada

Nevada is a state in the USA where practically everyone is an international resident or who is not from Nevada; it is a state established by immigrants and fuelled by a primarily immigrant labor force.

As per the American Immigration Council, one in every five Nevadans is an immigrant, and one in every six “native-born” U.S. citizens had immigrant parents. These Nevadans are neighbors, friends, co-workers, nurses, and possibly even your child’s teacher. Throughout these years, activists, Dreamers, and advocacy groups have fought to establish a path to citizenship for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) participants and other undocumented immigrants.

While President Joe Biden’s plan to include immigration in his Build Back Better bill does not appear to be a viable option at this time, there are still options to pass much-needed safeguards for undocumented immigrants who have resided in our nation for an average of 20 years.

Considering some hurdles, including Senate parliamentarian judgments, strengthening protections for undocumented immigrants in Nevada and around the country must be a priority for the Senate leaders. Senate leaders should look into all of their possibilities in order to ensure safeguards for undocumented immigrants through this law.

In October, Harry Reid, a late former senator, told The Hill, “Americans want legal status for immigrants who have worked hard, paid taxes and created their lives in the United States.” He was correct. According to data, 75 percent of Americans support the immigration measures in the Build Back Better Act, including 88 percent of Democrats, 81 percent of independents, and 58 percent of Republicans.

As an assemblyman, it is my responsibility to advocate for all members of the community who require assistance, and I stand in solidarity with the Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status holders, and other undocumented immigrants who have faced adversity. It is long past time for everyone to stand alongside them. Nevadans and Americans alike deserve better.

Nevada is fortunate to have leaders who listen to their constituents, and they should encourage their colleagues to take any and all efforts required to ensure that this gets achieved as soon as possible. People are tired of hollow promises when their lives and livelihoods are at risk, and they are vulnerable to deportation and separation when the opportunity to alleviate their concerns is available.

Congress must approve comprehensive immigration reform, whether through the Build Back Better Act or another vehicle, in order to provide for millions of American families and keep our economy on track.

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