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USA: Amazon, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Google Lead The H1-B Recruiters List

The H-1B visa season has begun, and registration will begin on March 1.

As soon as the USCIS published the dates, Indian tech businesses began planning to file petitions for their staff. After two years of pandemic-induced disruption, this year appears to be going well, with vaccination completed in many regions of the world.

The news of H-1B Visa registration has also delighted the Indian tech community since it means that many techies’ American dream will be realized through this program.

STEM, computer science, and business-related jobs are well-known to dominate the H-1B sector. The H-1B program has also benefited America by helping to fill a lack of highly talented workers in fields such as technology, science, medicine, and business.

In the United States, over 70% of these visas are granted to Indians in order to fill a shortage of highly educated individuals in the technology and information technology sectors. In order to reach the necessary limit of 85,000 new visas in the fiscal year 2021, the US had to run two visa lotteries due to a lack of applications.

According to Madeline Zavodny, a research fellow at NFAP, there is also no evidence of higher employment growth or reduced unemployment rates for college graduate US residents as a result of decreased admissions via the H-1B program, according to the paper.

Top 20 H-1B recruiters in 2021:

If you want to be a part of the H-1B program, we have created a list of top H-1B recruiters from the USCIS 2021 database. If you are not already employed, you can prepare for jobs in these companies, and, given time, you may be able to participate in the H-1B Visa program.

1. Amazon

Initial Approvals – 5,421

Initial Denials – 115

2. Infosys Limited

Initial Approvals – 5,255

Initial Denials – 220

3. Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Initial Approvals – 3,062

Initial Denials – 129

4. Wipro Limited

Initial Approvals – 1,624

Initial Denials – 80

5. Cognizant Technology Solutions US

Initial Approvals – 1,481

Initial Denials – 19

6. Google LLC

Initial Approvals – 1,453

Initial Denials – 16

7. IBM Corporation

Initial Approvals – 1,398

Initial Denials – 51

8. Microsoft Corporation

Initial Approvals – 1,240

Initial Denials – 14

9. HCL America Inc

Initial Approvals – 1,209

Initial Denials – 35

10. Facebook Inc

Initial Approvals – 1,189

Initial Denials – 7

11. Tech Mahindra Americas Inc

Initial Approvals – 1,088

Initial Denials – 59

12. Apple Inc

Initial Approvals – 1,071

Initial Denials – 20

13. Accenture LLP

Initial Approvals – 1,067

Initial Denials – 50

14. Capgemini America Inc

Initial Approvals – 888

Initial Denials – 34

15. Amazon

Initial Approvals – 749

Initial Denials – 2

16. Goldman Sachs

Initial Approvals – 640

Initial Denials – 11

17. Deloitte Consulting LLP

Initial Approvals – 544

Initial Denials – 23

18. Oracle America Inc

Initial Approvals – 535

Initial Denials – 3

19. Intel Corporation

Initial Approvals – 522

Initial Denials – 9

20. Ernst Young US LLP

Initial Approvals – 485

Initial Denials – 17

The US government has stated that the initial registration period for Cap subject FY 2023 H-1B visas will begin on March 1, 2022, at 12:00 Eastern Time (ET). Employees should collaborate with their employers to provide required information on time to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

Employers can open new accounts on February 21, 2022, at 12:00 ET. From March 1, 2022, employers and their representatives (registrants) will be able to prepare and submit registration forms.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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