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UK Health Experts Are Planning To Develop Training Courses For MBBS Graduates From India

Under the umbrella of these programs, two years of training in India and two years in the UK provide these MBBS doctors with the necessary competencies to become fully qualified physicians and contribute to India upon their return.

The importance of establishing a three-year training program to upscale and train MBBS graduates from India and the United Kingdom was emphasized by a group of healthcare individuals.

Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, in collaboration with BAPIO Training Academy (BTA), PHD Chamber of Commerce, and Chevening Alumni India, recently held a discussion panel in which they outlined the need for a streamlined training program in India for MBBS graduates from India and the United Kingdom.

BAPIO Training Academy, a body of BAPIO (British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin), one of the largest corporations representing doctors of the Indian diaspora, had already begun planned and structured programs in various specialities in collaboration with UK Universities and Indian Institutions.

According to the declarations, the experts are now planning to establish a new three-year training course in India, followed by a four-month training program in the UK.

“The capacity in the UK is limited and there is a need to set up training in India only to achieve the above vision. Towards this purpose, Ujala Cygnus and BAPIO will collaborate to set up a three-year training program for MBBS graduates, leading to the award of a master’s degree from the University of South Wales and also to clear the MRCP exam. The students will also spend four months in the UK, working as Observers in the NHS,” said Dr Shuchin Bajaj, Founder Director, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals.

The panel discussion meeting was presided over by Professor Parag Singhal, Executive Director of the BTA, and Professor Tamorish Kole, President of ASEM. They also talked about the burgeoning need for capacity development to deal with the challenges that the healthcare industry is facing.

“We are elated to collaborate with BTA, PHD Chamber of Commerce, and Chevening Alumni India to have this much-needed roundtable discussion on this pertinent issue. Capacity building in healthcare is the development of knowledge, skills, commitment, structures, systems, and leadership to enable effective health promotion,” said Bajaj who also happens to be the General Secretary, Chevening Alumni India.

“This can be achieved only when we strengthen and improve our capacity to act within programs, and develop the capacity of the health system to respond to the emerging issues that affect health,” added Bajaj.

There is a massive pool of MBBS doctors in India who work as resident medical doctors, primarily in corporate hospitals, with no formal training and little opportunity for advancement.

“As part of the ongoing drive under the Indo-UK collaboration, BTA is best placed, having the expertise in training to liaise with UK and Indian Universities/Institutions to set up a new training pathway for those doctors, giving an opportunity to upskill them, create a career pathway and thus skilled workforce which will be well equipped to address the challenges,” said Probal Ghosal, chairman, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals.

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