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Top 10 Reasons Why The United States Is The Best Place To Study MBA

A US MBA is widely regarded as the gold standard of professional education in business management.

Despite the fact that business schools in Europe and Asia are challenging that dominance, the United States remains the most popular destination for MBA. This is besides a 13.7 percent drop in international applicants to the US between 2018 and 2019, which was largely influenced by the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant policies, such as a ban on new H-1B visas.

However, with Trump’s H-1B visa decision overturned and Covid-related travel restrictions for international students eased, applications to the US are back on track and brisk. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, 43 percent of US business schools reported an increase in international applications in 2021. 

The reasons behind US being the preferrable destination for MBA among international students include:

Quality of the MBA Programs

It’s no coincidence that US business schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton constantly rank first in MBA rankings. Their strong performance in important indicators such as employability, return on investment (ROI), and alumni outcomes demonstrate why they are widely regarded as the best business schools in the United States.

Despite the fact that most of the M7 business schools—an elite club that includes Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford—were absent from the Financial Times’ latest Global MBA ranking due to a boycott, nearly half of the 100 schools ranked by the FT were still from the United States. With the brand recognition of a Harvard, Stanford, or Columbia Business School, a top MBA from the United States continues to pay dividends long after you graduate standing out on your resume for life.

Quality value of the Education

Top MBA programmes in Europe and Asia often provide a more cost effective one-year MBA alternative, many students in the United States are still drawn to the traditional two-year MBA. Subjects like management, strategy, and finance taught in the first year of the curriculum and then specialise in the second year with electives such as artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability. A two-year MBA also allows you to try out various industries and functional areas through various MBA internship opportunities, allowing you to gain professional work experience in areas that could frame your future career plans.

World’s Best Faculty

Because many US top universities strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide world-class business education, an MBA in the US will enlighten you to the most recent research and industrial applications perspective from a diverse faculty base that frequently combines academia and industry experience.

The case-study method at Harvard demands students to put themselves in the shoes of a business executive confronted with a real-world business problem and to draw on their classmates’ diverse perspectives and identities to find a solution. It is a method that has influenced business school teaching all over the world. The quality and depth of the education you’ll receive will prepare you to hit the ground running once you graduate, with world-renowned academics leading MBA courses at many US business schools.

Helps to Kick-Start your Career with Best Placement Opportunities

According to US News, the top jobs for MBA graduates in the United States include marketing manager, management consultant, and financial manager. Graduates from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business’s MBA class of 2020 were hired by top firms such as Google, McKinsey, and J.P.Morgan, while at Kellogg School of Management, Bain & Company hired 28 MBAs from the most recent graduating class, McKinsey hired 36, and the Boston Consulting Group hired 44.

Huge Salary Potential

According to GMAC, the median base starting pay for grads at US companies is $115,000, and that some of the best salaries MBA jobs can be found in the US. Stanford graduates, who are among the highest earning MBAs in the world, can expect to earn an average base salary of around $160,000 three years after graduation. Harvard and Chicago Booth graduates can expect a starting salary of around $148k. US MBA graduates from lower-ranked universities can indeed expect a good return on investment, but the salary may not be as high as that of graduates from elite universities.

A top salary is a leading determinant of your MBA return on investment because the cost of an MBA in the United States at a top business school like MIT Sloan can cost an estimated total of $242k, according to the BusinessBecause Cost of MBA Report 2021.

US Visa Policy

With the reinstatement of the H1-B visa, international MBA students can now enjoy friendlier visa policies in the United States. Many of the companies that sponsor H1-B visas are among the highest-paying employers for MBAs, and they are always on the lookout for top business school talent.

If you are an international graduate, you can stay in the United States for one year after graduating from an MBA programme through the Optional Practical Training (OPT) system, or for two years if you graduate from a STEM MBA programme. During this time, you can apply for an H1-B visa, which will allow you to work in the United States for a total of six years, three years initially, with the alternative of three years extensions.

A Diverse Learning Environment

Several MBA programmes in the United States attract students from all over the world. During class discussions and group projects, you’ll benefit from the varied viewpoints of those around you if you’re in a diverse peer group. The MIT Sloan MBA has 33 percent international students, while the Columbia MBA has 44 percent international students.

In addition to domestic diversity, many minorities in the United States make up the MBA classroom. There are 41 percent US minority students in the most recent Harvard MBA class, including African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic and Latinx MBAs.

Clubbing and Social Life

Several MBA programmes in the United States organise regular social gatherings such as movie screenings, dinners, and trips throughout the United States and abroad. There are several clubs and societies that students can join such as the University of North Carolina’s Carolina Women in Business, or a career club, such as the University of Southern California Marshall’s Entrepreneur and Venture Management Association (EVMA). This helps in expanding your network, making connections, or acquiring knowledge about a new industry and tapping into business connections that might help your professional life in the long run.

Widely Spread Alumni Network

An MBA programme in the United States, you’ll have the opportunity to network with peers from a variety of career and industry backgrounds, many of whom will have connections to top companies all over the world. According to Bloomberg, Stanford was named the world’s best business school for networking in 2019. It was closely followed by Harvard and Dartmouth Tuck.

You can be an entrepreneur!

All of these schools received high marks for the quality, responsiveness, and breadth of their alumni networks.

In the United States, venture capital is on the upsurge, and there has never been a better time to meet the thirst of investors looking for the next big thing. The United States is a powerhouse of entrepreneurship. Silicon Valley is on the West Coast, but other states, such as Texas and Georgia, are some of the best in the nation for starting a business.

Selecting the United States for your MBA could be an excellent way to hone your startup skills and gain the knowledge needed to launch your own business. There are even entrepreneurship-focused business schools, such as Babson College, from which you can learn how to start a successful venture from the ground up. Immigrants or children of immigrants founded 45 percent of America’s Fortune 500 companies. Attending a world-class MBA programme that will look great on your resume is only one aspect of studying at a top US business school.

You’ll gain unparalleled networking opportunities and access to employers at giant corporations as well as rapidly growing and expanding startups throughout the United States and beyond.

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