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Top 10 Foreign Languages To Learn In 2022

English is the international language that is used as a medium of education and communication in many countries of the world. Besides, English and native language, citizens can learn some other foreign languages for diverse prospects such as education, job, research, communication.

Choosing a language to learn is never a simple undertaking since it is a very subjective and complex matter. Additionally, learning a new language requires a significant amount of time, effort, and dedication.

People interested in learning new languages are always recommended to choose a language with a greater professional scope, demand, and return. Let’s check out some prospective foreign languages that Indian citizens can learn.


Due to the Arabic language’s ranking, as the second-best paid translation language, Arabic translators earn an average of £34,122 per year.

Arab nations are extraordinarily wealthy in natural resources, and Arabic is the official language of the world’s largest oil-producing country, which means that studying this language may earn you a lot of money.

Additionally, proficiency in Arabic enables a person to pursue a variety of career prospects in business, government, non-profit, education, and other organizations.


It’s the world’s second most extensively taught foreign language.

Each year, Indian students study French in their schools as an optional subject. It is one of the
greatest foreign languages to learn if you want to advance in your corporate career and get a decent job. French is the working language in businesses such as fashion, education, finance, export and import, travel, education, luxury products, aeronautics, and other multinational corporations.

Learning French provides enormous employment advantages since French is spoken on five continents and in over 30 countries. It is a highly compensated foreign language on the planet

Mandarin Chinese

Understanding and being fluent in the language will provide all Mandarin Chinese speakers with an advantage when competing successfully in the global market for a critical job in any organization in the future.

The ability to communicate in this language will be valuable in the future. It will enable you to make more money than your friends who do not speak this language. It will distinguish a person from the throng.

Few people are aware of this, and seizing the chance to learn this language now will pay off in the long run.


Many years ago, the Russian language was widely spoken and taught in a variety of towns and colleges. The Russian government has re-emphasized the importance of teaching the Russian language to foreigners.

It is an excellent idea to begin studying the Russian language in order to reap the benefits in the future.


It is one of the world’s most spoken languages, with 20 nations speaking it. Spanish is one of the most popular and favoured languages to learn due to the prominence of Spanish culture, arts, and music. It is fairly well-known in the United States and Europe. This language is spoken by around 470 million native speakers and approximately 100 million non-native speakers.


The Japanese language is one of the most difficult languages to master, which explains why it has fewer rivals and more employment openings for Japanese-speaking candidates.

Japanese is the highest-paid language employment not just in Bangladesh but also Internationally. Thus, everyone interested in making a decent living should consider learning the Japanese language. If a person successfully completes a high proficiency exam such as the
JLPT N2, the employment opportunities are astounding.


Italian is spoken by around 67M native speakers and 13.4M non-native speakers worldwide. It is the official language of Italy, Croatia, Vatican City, Slovenia, San Marino, and Switzerland and an unofficial language in a number of other nations.

If someone wants to pursue a profession in this language, they should do so since the language’s future seems to be promising.


Portuguese demand is developing rapidly as a result of the growing link between India and Brazil and the strengthening of Brazil’s economy. It is ranked sixth on the list of the worlds’ most widely spoken languages.

There is a high need and scope for Portuguese Language Experts in India across a variety of sectors, including finance, accounting, technology, information technology/information systems, tourism, and education. This is likely to be a popular job option in the future for a large number of individuals.


Germany has the largest GDP in Europe and is an economic powerhouse. Experts in this language may find work at various large German firms, including Volkswagen, BASF, Daimler, and BMW.

German is the priority in science, engineering, and automobiles, among others. Many schools and colleges in India teach German to assist students in gaining admission to institutions in Germany or Austria for further study. Learning German may be very beneficial for anybody.


South Korea is the world’s seventh-biggest export economy, with a rapidly developing economy, and Korean is both North and South Korea’s official language. Interest in Korean courses is growing due to the increased need for Korean professionals and experts in many Korean international corporations such as Samsung, LG, Kia, and Lotte.

Job opportunities in Korean enterprises and organizations in South Korea are increasing due to the increased demand for K-drama, K-pop, and K-movies. These enterprises provide a fantastic compensation package and have very little competition, making learning the Korean language a smart decision for anybody.

In conclusion

Apart from the languages listed above, others may be taught, including Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, and Hungarian. Anyone can learn a useful foreign language to advance his or her career in future. Additionally, acquiring new skills is never a bad idea. Therefore, do not delay any longer and enrol in the finest foreign language course of your choice and begin studying.

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