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The Study Abroad process

For students aspiring to study abroad post completion of their high school education, there are quite a few particulars to be kept in mind, to make sure that you do not miss out on the brilliant opportunity to experience what education is like abroad.

There are a few particulars that you should keep in mind, and that includes pre-planning. While you may finish your final board examinations in the first quarter of the year, that’s when the study-abroad process starts. Even if your marks aren’t set to come out till a later date, there are a lot of other preliminaries to complete, and they will have set deadlines as well. Therefore, it is always wise to begin a year before, so you don’t have to rush at the end!

Furthermore, qualification tests are a major component of the study abroad process. Whether it be the SAT, GMAT, or IELTS, each and every country requires a different set of qualification tests according to their visa and immigration requirements, and each university requires their own set of qualification tests as well. So, it is crucial that you apply in time for the required tests, because while the IELTS and TOEFL tests are pretty frequent, other such as the SAT might have only a few test dates throughout the year, so it makes sense to prepare and apply in time.

While the study-abroad process will begin along with preparations for your 12th board exams, it is essential to maintain a stellar mark. A strong academic profile will ensure that you get into a good university, of your own choice. Even if you are not aiming for the Ivy Leagues, a good mark will also make you eligible for a tonne of scholarships and grants, so do not get misled by the opinion that only those students who want to gain admission into the top universities should study hard!

Understandably, the study abroad process can be quite overwhelming, and therefore, there are experts who will guide and assist you throughout. For example, Kanan International, located in Vadodara, is a premier institution, which has been assisting and guiding students to achieving their study-abroad dreams for 25 years! Experts can help you realise your dreams, with guided learning for qualification tests such as IELTS and the SAT, and general university application advise.

Vivan Patel

Vivan Patel

A passionate economics student, who also has a love for writing, I am currently studying in the United Kingdom, and as a content writer I have a knack for going the extra mile. I am particularly enthralled by the power of knowledge, and its abundance and lack thereof, so I read vivaciously to remained informed and updated in this rapidly transforming digital age.

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