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The majority of Canadians feel that immigration makes Canada a better country.

In a recent study conducted by The Environics Institute for Survey Research in the year 2020, Environics is social research committed, nonprofit organization. The survey was conducted using telephones, and up to 2,000 Canadians took part in it between September 8 and 23, 2020. 

It was found that a large number of Canadian citizens are pro-immigration by a margin of five-to-one and think that immigration makes their country economically and culturally better. Immigration is also considered a key factor by many as it is very essential for the population growth of Canada.

“Perhaps the most striking aspect of this latest trend is that it has taken place all across the country and among all demographic segments of the population,”

The Environics Institute for Survey Research

When Canadians were asked if the immigration levels are too high, 66 percent of them rejected that statement and said that they don’t believe that immigration levels are too high. 

About 56 percent of Canadians agreed to the fact that immigration is essential for the population growth in Canada. 36 percent disagreed, and others had no clear views.

Around 86 percent of Canadians agreed that immigration is helping Canada boost its economy as a lot of skilled workers immigrate to Canada to fill in gaps in the labor market.

Moreover, 78% of Canadians disagree that Immigrants are taking away jobs from Canadian citizens.

As seen in the survey, there is growing support for immigrants in Canada, mainly due to the economic advantage it gives to Canada above the United States of America, who deny entry to the skilled laborers. 

“And it may reflect a solidifying public consensus that Canada’s economy and one’s own livelihood depends on making space for newcomers, especially this year when the economy needs all the help it can get,”

The Environics Institute for Survey Research

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