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Foreign Institution Reshaped Study Abroad Prospect For Indians In The Post-Pandemic Era

In the post-Covid era study abroad revolution, India has been on the top source for the world’s best and biggest immigration talent, edging China in quality and now, after the pandemic in quantity.

While the famous colleges have begun opening their doors, students are flocking to global destinations such as Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US). Students select courses that are best suited to them and their talents, and most importantly the destinations where their credentials will provide the most financial advantage.

Better choices will lead them to improved university employability and students will get their desired careers, triggering a tectonic upheaval in their life and their families. The game has been altered mostly as a result of policy changes in the big three: Canada, the UK, and the US.

The Post-Study Work Visa (or Graduate Immigration Route) was announced by the UK, allowing undergraduate and postgraduate students to work or look for work in the country for two years. Considering that this declaration occurred soon before the pandemic, the country’s leaders made sure that the pandemic didn’t overshadow this historic development, ensuring that it was the first to respond to the pandemic and return students to the country after the situation had stabilized.

We can see these yield benefits for the country now that it’s all set to compete fiercely with the US and Canada, two well-established immigration destinations that no longer have a market duopoly in North America.

Since the Biden-Harris administration took office, the US has displayed renewed energy through its actions. It is frequently taking initiatives and passing bills in support of immigrant students and easing the Green Card process. It simply goes on to show why the country is the most popular tourist destination in the world. It will be an exciting year for the country in 2022, with its borders begging to open and students physically uniting on campus.

For many years, Canada has been the Mecca for immigrants. Every year, arriving immigrants help to carry a considerable portion of the weight of the country’s large economy. With a shrinking population, Canada must continue to be a “warm continent” for immigrants, though not in the literal sense.

Despite the pandemic, Canada’s bold proclamation that it is on track to welcome one million immigrants in the next three years sends a message to the rest of the globe that “nothing has changed,” at least in terms of mindset. New Zealand and Germany are the two countries that seem to have managed the pandemic the best globally and are now actively working to reintegrate students into their respective countries.

Following Australia’s recent encouraging news of the opening of its borders for tourists and international students, we can now expect New Zealand to open its own borders for international visitors.

We all are eagerly awaiting Prime Minister Jacinda Arden’s response. Simply said, it implies more opportunities, greater financial opportunities in the form of scholarships, easy and quick visa approvals, and better work opportunities.

The study abroad landscape has drastically changed in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, and there are new places in the range that are offering more lucrative opportunities. The year 2022 will be a test for institutions as well as a source of hope for students.

Fortunately, the pandemic will soon be forgotten and a new chapter in the Study Abroad industry will be written. Hopefully, a lot of books and news articles will be rewritten and featured about this period.

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