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Study suggests over 94% Indian students eager to study abroad this year than before

Students looking for overseas plans, according to a poll seem to have increased in the number of those who want to pursue their higher education in a foreign country in 2021 as compared to last year. The reported accounted 94% of students who are willing to look for their further education plans abroad.

Among many reasons students study and search for chances overseas, one is improved health infrastructure, according to nearly 71% of students. 

Another poll showed 58% of these students decided only three months ago about looking for opportunities outside the country. In other news, 28% of students shifted their study destination due to the travel ban in the US, Australia, and major education hubs; from another country to the UK for their student-friendly regulations. This comes with the fact that in the pandemic, the UK plans to vaccinate all the International students including the incoming students as well.

The UK is anyway preferred by 75% of students whereas surprisingly Canada grabbed only 13% of eyeballs in spite of having a sound position as an international attraction for education. 

The most popular choice of major or discipline is management/business courses accounting for one-third of the voters, followed by engineering, data science and, analytics.

For those who had already filed for their visa and are probably stuck unanswered and uninformed about their status for too long, about 60% of their universities have been in constant communication whether it is providing students the right information or allowing them with their joining extension. 

This seems to be a result of the governments in the UK, the US, and other industrialized nations liberalizing their higher education and immigration regulations and communicating in a considerably more inviting manner. Economic growth has been worse affected by the pandemic which brought about the change in the way these ruling governments function. 

India and the UK recently signed the Migration and Mobility partnership with the intent to liberalize visa issuance and boosting the mobility of students, skilled professionals, and researchers. To supplement the reasons why Indian students are all the more eager to move abroad this year, Canada launched 90,000 PR’s early this month which convinced many aspirants to look for opportunities. Even the US included Indian students from their travel exemption list. Visa appointments however are struggling at the time in the metro cities because of the partial lockdown which is hoped to be lifted soon.

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