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Study Hospitality in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It is famous for its ground-breaking research and high standard learning. Swiss MBA and PhD are renowned and distinguished worldwide. Young adults not only dream of studying here but also consider seeking a career in Switzerland after completing their education.

If you have thought about Studying in Switzerland or have already been admitted to a Swiss university, refer to this article to find out more about the lifestyle in Switzerland, tuition fees and living cost for international students. 

Why Hospitality in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a synonym for graceful style and quality. Much like anything, the Swiss build a reputation for their hospitality, and the effort that goes into it is remarkable. It is easy to see why they would prefer hospitality and have the natural ability to do so as it requires accuracy, precision and meticulous attention to excel—all very Swiss traits.

There are several reasons to study hospitality in Switzerland which includes their world-class learning and internationally acclaimed schools. Nowadays Switzerland has become the favourite destination for tourists. So let’s see how that happens and how students can benefit. 

Benefits of attending a Swiss Hospitality school:

There is a fun side in studying in a hospitality school in Switzerland. Besides the obvious, getting a taste of their delicious chocolate and fondue, we have their love of diversity, history, opportunities, and everything in between. Besides the fact that Switzerland continues its legacy in years of professional experience in its portfolio, it also has the most powerful hospitality research methods in the world. Not only does it hold its legacy in rich hospitality, but students also get to work and study with many people from various  parts of the world, which can help them with their long time ‘people skills’. 

Internship opportunities also come up with it which is not only limited to Switzerland, so you get to travel to other countries too. This will affect your professional and cultural growth. 

Best Hospitality schools in Switzerland:

In addition to the value of applied learning, the formula for the institutions’ success is generated by combining the theoretical and the practical.

Most Swiss hospitality schools are private, so the government does not limit their right to say on deciding the programs or fees of the schools. Apart from their performance, they are also home to ethnicity and have programmes taught in English. And hence, a decent level of English proficiency is required.

Here are some few best schools for hospitality management in Switzerland;

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

Duration of study4 years
RequirementsIELTS 7 bands, TOEFL 600 points
Yearly FeeCHF 24,000

Glion Institute of Higher Education

Duration of study3.5 years
RequirementsIELTS 5.5 bands, TOEFL 500 points
Yearly FeeCHF 24,000

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

Duration of study3.5 years
RequirementsIELTS 5 bands, TOEFL 500 points
Yearly FeeCHF 24,000

Business and Hotel Management School, Lucerne

Duration of study3 years
RequirementsIELTS 5.5 bands
Yearly FeeCHF 19,100

Cesar Ritz Colleges

Duration of study3 years
RequirementsIELTS 5 bands, TOEFL 500 points
Yearly FeeCHF 32,100

Hotel Institute, Montreux

Duration of study3 years
RequirementsIELTS 5 bands, TOEFL 500 points, OOPT
Yearly FeeCHF 44,970

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