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Four Million Canadian Citizens Live Abroad: Statistics Canada Study

Have you ever wondered how many Canadians live abroad?

Statistics Canada has done a study, and it released a range of estimates on April 13, Wednesday. The agency’s “medium numbers” scenario indicates 4,038,700 Canadian citizens living abroad in 2016, which was the reference year.

Statistics Canada noted that this estimate “falls between the 2,953,500 and 5,549,800 people in the ‘low numbers’ and ‘high numbers’ scenarios”. The agency also stated that around half of the Canadian citizens who live abroad are citizens of descent.

These are people who were born abroad to citizen parents from whom they obtained citizenship. Meanwhile, citizens by birth or those who were born in Canada make up about one-third of the diaspora. In addition, naturalized citizens represented 15 per cent of the diaspora.

“The fact that hundreds of thousands of Canadians live abroad raises various issues, namely concerning the services to provide them, potential returns to Canada and ties to communities or people abroad,”

stated the study prepared by Julien Bérard-Chagnon and Lorena Canon.

The authors also wrote: “While these Canadians act as bridges to promote exchanges between Canada and the rest of the world, the Canadian government continues to have certain responsibilities to its nationals abroad and must provide them with certain services.”

This was the first time that Statistics Canada did a study about the Canadian diaspora. For details about how Bérard-Chagnon and Canon came up with estimates, click here.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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