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Study Abroad: Ten Important Questions To Ask During International Admissions Interview

By Yash Yadav

At international universities, there are several stages to the admissions process. You must be cautious at every step, from passing an English language test to drafting the application, its documentation, and ultimately the interview.

One of the most difficult steps is the university interview. Because, unlike an application, you do not have time to prepare all of the questions and requirements ahead of time.

You may be asked some difficult questions to which you must respond in your best interests. After speaking with a number of students pursuing master’s and bachelor’s degrees at overseas colleges, we have compiled a list of questions that are asked in practically every interview.

Furthermore, those are nearly all of the questions that will be asked of you, more or less.

1. Why do you want to study in this country?
You have to answer it positively and express your view that why this country is best suited for you. Also, stick to the educational opportunities unless asked regarding professional opportunities.

2. What are the benefits of studying here as compared to your home country?
Make a comparison between your country’s educational options and the country to which you plan to relocate. Make your arguments as positive as possible. You do not need to reveal your country’s flaws in order to help the destination country. Tell them that this is not the best place for you to take your major’s required courses.

3. Why did you choose this specific university?
You must conduct a thorough study on the university and its amenities before attending the interview. Examine its position in the rankings and create grounds to support your arguments in its favour.

4. Which other options did you consider for studying?
It is fine to admit that you considered alternative possibilities. Make a comparison between this university and other universities. You can discuss educational facilities, rankings, prizes, and international students’ strengths, among other things.

5. What information do you have about this university?
Students in other countries do not choose universities without first learning about them, as they do in Pakistan. They must select from a large number of institutes and gather all relevant information about the institutes that have been shortlisted.

The same is expected of you. Gather information on the university, its departments, its surrounding area, opportunities, the environment, teachers, awards, and so on.

6. Why did you choose to study this course and how is it related to your previous education?
The most crucial thing is to be thoroughly knowledgeable about your course. You must understand why you are interested in this course and how it will benefit you in the future. Additionally, to support this answer, draw a fair relationship between your course and previous schooling.

7. What are the course modules of your subject?

The course modules can be found on the department’s website under the section for this specific programme. Examine all of the important modules because you will almost certainly be asked about them. Memorize all of them if you are a master’s student, and the important ones if you are a bachelor’s student.

8. Questions about specific modules
Unlike Pakistani institutions, international institutes require you to have a basic understanding of the modules and what you would be studying in them. Examine their definitions, as well as what you will learn in certain modules and how you will be assessed.

9. What qualification you are supposed to receive and how will it help in your career path?
For various degrees, look up the international qualification level. Then construct a plan as though you already knew everything you will do in the future. You must establish a link between your courses and your job goals. This will demonstrate your commitment to a study programme.

10. Did you choose to study any other courses? Why did you prefer this?

You can inform them that you chose many courses and why this was your top priority, just as you did when choosing other universities. You can explain why you chose this course by citing your educational interests, previous studies, and the career interest associated with it.

These are all the basic questions that are asked in an interview for international admissions.

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