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Study Abroad: Five Common Challenges For Faced By Indian Students; How Students Can Overcome Them?

In today’s time, when globalization is at its peak, having an international degree has become more crucial than ever. Studying abroad widens the horizons of knowledge and provides a platform to excel on the world stage.

A degree from top international institutes can open doors to exceptional career opportunities. History is a witness to how quality education from these international institutes has nurtured geniuses and formed great leaders!

Today, when there are numerous college and country options, studying abroad can be a dream difficult to realize without the right guidance and assistance on facts and outcomes. Choosing to study overseas springs up a loop of questions, uncertainties, and challenges.

Only a reliable, experienced, and successful international education consultancy can have the students’ back! While it is not easy to pick one among many options out there, with the majority of them assuring success, it needs meticulous research before finalizing a consultancy, especially when a huge amount of tuition fee and international living cost is involved!

5 Common Challenges for students who plan to study abroad:

Overcoming the Fear of what others say

Moving abroad for further studies can be hard because one’s career and future goals depend on this sole decision. One needs constant affirmations and support to start the new phase of life, as it makes a person anxious sometimes. While it is good to take advice from friends and relatives, one should not forget that personal growth usually happens when faced with challenging situations and by stepping out of our comfort zone. So one should look at the brighter side of things, focus on what can go right, have a plan B & C if something goes wrong, and not get swayed from achieving one’s career goals.

Too many University/ Program options

The most important step in studying abroad is choosing the right university and program. But figuring out the ‘right’ sometimes becomes confusing and is one of the most difficult challenges for students. While there is no wrong or right way of choosing between options, it is more about realizing what suits and interests them and how would they acquire the most appropriate skills based on current abilities and if they are eligible for a particular program. Also, the geographic location and employment opportunities around would be a big consideration.

Managing of Finances

Managing the finances is one of the students’ major challenges when choosing a study option abroad. Tuition fees are not the only burden that a student has to bear, but also the accommodation, travel, living, and any medical costs year after year. Therefore, it becomes important to look for relevant programs/universities offering merit-based or need-based scholarships to international students and co-op programs that facilitate paid work while studying. These employers also act as references for later employment.

Dealing with Paperwork

Every institution has unique criteria for admitting students to a particular program. One must check the official website of the concerned University/College and carefully go through the list of the documents required at the time of application submission. In addition, some student profiles and some special programs need extra documentation to support a successful admission.

Most universities abroad ask for English proficiency scores from internationally recognized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Thus, it is advisable to start preparation in advance.

Fear of Failure

Fear is a natural reaction to something we do not understand fully or is new to us. Moving to a new country and leaving behind friends, family, and country sounds scary at first, as this is a new experience for most students. Moving abroad alone and living there requires maturity and the ability to take on the responsibilities to succeed in life. Real success can be achieved with passion, action, and faith in oneself despite the anxiety. In fact, anxiety helps one to remain alert, and be prepared for all contingencies.

How does Kanan assist students in India to Study abroad?

Kanan.Co with its highly experienced and trained staff, helps students overcome the challenges of studying abroad with transparency and highly ethical advice/assistance. Kanan.Co follows a unique step-by-step procedure starting with a one-on-one counselling session with the students and parents and learning about their expectations regarding a program or university. The students are then provided with the most appropriate options based on what interests them.

The company has a team of highly expert counsellors well-versed with the entire procedure that studying abroad involves. The team guides aspirants throughout the application process – from finding the right destination, institution, and course to helping with their Application, guidance on SOP, and all other related documentation. Services are provided to students at Kanan.Co is free of cost, making sure that students or parents feel no financial pressure.

With direct partnerships with prestigious universities across Canada, the UK, the US, and Australia, Kanan.Co makes studying abroad more accessible for students across India.

Since its inception in 1996, Kanan.Co has provided trusted study abroad assistance to help students realize their dream of studying abroad. Transcending the times, Kanan has provided students with a unique platform to unlock the world of infinite possibilities, gain a world-class education and write their destinies themselves.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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