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Students With A Canadian Degree Earn More Than Others

According to a new analysis, immigrants who have studied in Canada earn significantly more in their first two years in the Canadian workplace than those who completed their education overseas before moving to Canada.

Furthermore, Canadian work experience earned by overseas students throughout their studies and after graduation increases earnings, according to a report released by two government departments, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada and Statistics Canada.

According to the survey, the number of immigrants with Canadian educational experience has increased considerably. The proportion of economic immigrants who have studied in Canada has increased from 6% in 2000 to 38% in 2019.

“This study is a validation of what our sector has been saying for some time,” said Randall Martin, executive director with the British Columbia Council for International Education.

International students are perfect immigrants in many ways since they are, for the most part, young and healthy, unburdened by family obligations, intelligent and multilingual, ambitious and mobile. And they were trained and educated at Canadian institutions.

The fact that this group achieves success and economic outcomes that are far above the benchmark over time is a testament to their hard work and should strengthen the notion that Canada genuinely is the best place on the planet to study.

According to the analysis, immigrants with two to three years of Canadian study earned approximately 27% more than those with no Canadian study experience one to two years after landing.

Furthermore, the impact of years of Canadian study was not linear: those who studied for three or more years earned significantly less than those who studied for fewer years. Many overseas students strengthen their English or French skills while studying in Canada, in addition to getting work experience. According to the survey, this was a major role in the wages increase in the first two years after arriving.

Several firms want strong language skills as well as Canadian work experience before hiring an immigrant. According to Gonzalo Peralta, executive director of Languages Canada, the association of English and French programs, this research will be beneficial to the language sector.

“It provides concrete evidence at a macro level of what was proven at a micro-level and well known by language education experts: higher language skills and in-country experience improve performance, productivity and wealth,” he said.

Overseas students who study English or French in Canada are excellent candidates for jobs and immigration, and they can be productive citizens from the first day of their landed immigrant status. In 2019, over 58,000 Canadian post-secondary education program graduates successfully applied to immigrate to Canada.

Applicants for economic immigrants can gain points based on their English or French language competence, academic level attained employment history and Canadian study experience under the points evaluation system. Credits are also given to people who are younger and have pre-arranged work. According to the report, some economic immigrants who studied in Canada went on to improve their education, which reduced their salaries in the early years.

However, a decade after their arrival, economic immigrants who had completed at least one year of Canadian school earned much more than those who had studied outside of Canada. According to a 2020 analysis, while international students who stay in Canada earn between 17% and 38% less than Canadian graduates one year after graduation, the wage gap amongst international and Canadian nationals narrows with time.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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