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Emerging Covid-19 Omicron Has Caused Students To Re-Consider Their Study Abroad Destination

Singapore was the last country to enable air travel from India after worldwide travel restrictions began to lift a month ago, just before the new Covid-19 version Omicron reared its head again.

Students who want to study abroad are preparing to apply to foreign universities with bated breath, waiting to see what the new measures for the new strain will be like. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada continue to be the most popular study abroad destinations for Indian students. While several countries have totally opened their doors to Indian students, one of the most popular destinations for Indian students, Australia, is still attempting to find a solution, according to recent reports.

As a result, many students who wanted to study in Australia migrated to the United Kingdom or Canada, where vaccine approvals were quick and Indian students were welcomed back after the pandemic-induced lockdowns. The majority of the students did not want to waste another year and were not willing to wait for Australia to open its doors to Indian tourists.

There have been concerns about labour shortages in the UK following Brexit. In addition, the pandemic has boosted demand for qualified individuals in fields including healthcare, supply chain distribution networks, and information technology.

Additionally, through the new Graduate Route, students who complete an undergraduate or master’s degree in the UK can now stay and work in the UK for two years. This has an impact on students’ decisions to study in the United Kingdom. When the pandemic hit the United States last year, Canada appeared to be doing a better job of dealing with the situation, and as a consequence, many students shifted to Canada.

Another reason why students choose to study in Canada is the country’s significantly easier immigration policies. Canada also features a number of top-ranked colleges that provide high-quality education at a fraction of the expense of universities in the United States.

The proportion of Indian students studying abroad is likely to reach 1.8 million by 2024, according to new research by consultancy firm RedSeer. Student enthusiasm in studying abroad has remained resilient despite the restrictions posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the research, driven by easier immigration and greater work opportunities.

Students are reconsidering studying in the United States again now that the country is in a lot stronger place to handle the pandemic. Because students had difficulty returning home last year owing to travel constraints and lockdowns, many students are opting to study at American, Canadian, and UK university campuses in Dubai, which are significantly closer to India.

Students are becoming more interested in Singapore, which offers internationally renowned universities. Several parents are also deciding not to send their children too far away for further education due to the fact that the pandemic is still ongoing.

Many people are now deciding to receive their university education through twinning programs as a result of various pandemic-related prohibitions. Twinning programs are agreements between partnered overseas colleges and local organizations or pathway providers.

This agreement allows students to complete their studies in their native country for a period of time before continuing their education at a foreign university. After completing a section of the course in their home country, students can transfer their credits to the associated overseas educational institution.

Getting a degree from a foreign university is an exciting and unique experience. Ambitious Indian students who have desired to study abroad for a long time are not letting the pandemic deter them and are forging ahead into a bright future.

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