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Six Popular Countries That Are Best For International Students

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience. It is not only a great opportunity for learning and growth but also for the career. But choosing the right place according to your preferences and interests is not easy. If you are planning to get international education, don’t end up making a wrong decision. Know all about different options through proper research and then look for the right place.

Here is a list of countries that are famous for international students and why.  

  • Unites States

If you want to study at some world-class university, no place is better than the United States. The top-ranking universities of the world are from the US so in terms of quality of education, it ranks number one. The fees at the universities in the States are usually very high and the scholarships are very competitive. So, you are a good candidate if you have an exceptional academic record and a good profile. Moreover, you will be hired by world-famous organizations after that.

But if you talk about the permanent residence, the US is a tough place. In one sentence, choose the US if your priority is studying not if you are looking to settle.

  • Germany

Along with having world-famous universities, Germany is known for being a very student-friendly country. Choose this place if you want to experience a different culture and high-level education. If it is not equal to the US, we cannot call it any less. Moreover, you get many job opportunities as a student in Germany. Above all, education in Germany is free so it is relatively easier for students to afford it. But if you want to get a scholarship, it is better to learn the German language. If you are looking for the best quality education, a friendly environment for students, and unexpected learning opportunities, you can choose this country to be your studying destination. 

  • Netherlands

Most people don’t know but the Netherlands is also known for having academically rich and world-class schools. Along with that, it is famous for its beauty and rich culture. However, the entry in the Netherlands is very difficult because the criteria for admission are very high and competitive. The scholarships are there but studying on self is difficult as it is expensive. If you want to be in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that offer high-quality education, the Netherlands is the best choice. 

  • France 

France is famous for being a very facilitative country for international students. It also has some amazing universities and a very rich culture. The best thing is that the fees are usually very low and students can afford them by working there. They also manage to get jobs in France. The only thing is you need to learn the French language if you want to secure admission there. There are also some scholarships offered there but they also are competitive and most of them require proficiency in the French language. If you are particular about going to France and studying at places like Paris, work for it because it is hard can be achieved with some effort. 

  • Canada 

Canada also has high-ranking educational institutes but more than that it is famous for providing highly paid jobs and permanent residence to international students. If your focus is to get settled, Canada can be the number one choice for you. But, not to forget, it has very expensive education and scholarships are very competitive. You still can get some study support if you have a high academic record. Moreover, the IELTS score also needs to be very high as compared to other countries. 

  • Australia  

Australia is also more famous for its jobs than its education. Although the education opportunities are great, people prefer it because it is very easy to get jobs there and relatively easier than in other countries to get the status of permanent residence. However, education is expensive and scholarships are relatively rare. So, if your preference is to get settled, you can also consider Australia as your main choice.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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