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Significance Of Peer Support For Students Studying Overseas

For students embarking on a study abroad journey, it is more than just pursuing academics and careers abroad.

It is about transitioning from a family-centric community to a society that promotes individualism and independence.

After the initial novelty and excitement wears off, students often find themselves battling with severe homesickness, culture shock, and even mental health issues.

It is at this point that peer groups play a critical role in restoring the balance. Your fellow students of Indian origin help you stay connected with your roots, your culture and fill in that void created by moving away from family. They have either gone through the same experience or are currently grappling with the same issues and can serve as a powerful support system to pull you out of your shell.

Universities also encourage a peer-to-peer support structure by promoting clubs and organizations that facilitate students to establish connections. You will find different festivals celebrated at almost all universities abroad, several occasions dedicated to promoting inclusivity and cultural diversity, etc., that serve as a conducive platform for building new relationships.

Students are motivated to step out of their cocoon and form friendships that have the potential to last a lifetime. This statement is not entirely overreaching, as the friendships you make while studying abroad are cemented in shared experiences, right from coping with a new environment, travelling together, pursuing similar career goals, and so on, that are unique to your time at university.

As a platform dedicated to simplifying the global education journey, Converge recognizes the importance of creating and maintaining peer groups for study abroad aspirants. The feature Groups on the Converge Study Abroad App has been designed to serve this very purpose and help students build connections across the 500+ groups currently active on the App.

These groups perform a dual role; they allow students to communicate and get clarity on their university application journey. However, a more crucial role and purpose for these groups is to enable students to start building friendships early, even before they set off on their study abroad journey.

Converge allows you to pre-associate with your future friends and begin building a camaraderie that would last you a lifetime!

The Converge App is available for download on the App & Play Store!

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