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Pre-arrival preparations for a job search in Canada

Canada is a country with a very high employment rate. There is always a requirement for skilled workers in Canada’s labor market. If you are a Canadian immigration aspirant and wish to find a job in Canada before actually traveling to Canada, this article will help you get started with the required preparations you need to make, in order to land a job in Canada.

1. Analyzing and researching the job market:

Every province in Canada has a local labor market with its specific needs, before applying for a job, you must research and analyze the job markets to find where you fit in with your current qualifications.

2. Licensing:

All occupations in Canada are classified into two categories: regulated and non-regulated. Regulated occupations are those which require a license to be able to work in that field. Occupations related to healthcare, engineering, and law are regulated across Canada, and if you are looking to work in the regulated occupations, you will be required to get a license in order to practice or work

3. Making a LinkedIn profile:

Most Canadian employers use LinkedIn to find suitable employees. You should update your LinkedIn profile, and should consider it as your virtual resume. You should include details about your qualifications, previous work experience and personal achievements in your LinkedIn profile.

4. Creating a Canadian-style resume:

The resume format which is widely used and accepted in Canada should be used. Your resume should be very brief, just one or two pages long, and must include a summary of work experience, education, and skills relevant to the occupation.

5. Acquiring additional knowledge:

As the Canadian job market is very competitive in Nature, you can always be on the lookout to up your game and acquire additional knowledge and skills that may give you an edge over your competitors and make your resume stand out among others. There are a lot of short-term certificate courses available for every occupation which can to further strengthen your knowledge and in-demand skills.

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