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MBA, Liberal Arts Graduates Have The Highest Paying Jobs

Are MBA graduates at the top of the list of those with the highest-paying jobs? According to recent data, a variety of occupations in the liberal arts can be equally lucrative. Non-business majors can also earn a good living. They may be able to apply their knowledge and talents in fields or vocations that are not immediately apparent to them.

In a Bloomberg Opinion discussion on wage transparency, a travel writer revealed how much she earned on Twitter, claiming that many people were startled that she made US$107,000 per year as a travel writer.

When evaluating which fields offer the highest paying jobs, various criteria must be considered, such as work experience, qualifications, position within a firm, and the sort of industry one works in. Some people may work for a corporation and earn a fixed salary as well as a commission on each sale.

Here are three occupations from each field, with job descriptions and annual earnings potential (based on Indeed data) to indicate which field has the highest paying job.

High-paying MBA grad jobs

Management accountant

US average salary: US$62,910 per year

A management accountant’s responsibilities may include selecting and managing firm investments, risk management, budgeting, planning, strategizing, and decision making. According to Investopedia, they may work for public firms, private businesses, or government agencies.

Business development manager

US average salary: US$67,452 per year

To assist firms in growing, business development managers may generate leads, recognize industry trends, and design financial strategies. They collaborate closely with clients and internal stakeholders by staying current in their respective industries and establishing a thorough grasp of their product or service, all while contributing to the company’s financial development and prosperity.

Business analyst

US average salary: US$74,469 per year

Business analysts provide a wide range of services in a variety of industries by utilizing their specialized evaluation skills. They operate as a team to analyze business prospects and design information technology solutions for firms and clients in order to give suggestions to improve the company’s procedures.

High-paying liberal arts grad jobs

Interior designer

US average salary: US$58,585 per year

An interior designer is tasked with creating the interior of a building, apartment, workplace, or other types of rooms based on their client’s criteria. They consider style, functionality, safety, and the overall amount of space to work with. These are frequently seen drafting architectural plans, generating project deadlines, and supervising construction. Interior designers might work for a company or as independent contractors.

Fashion designer

US average salary: US$72,720 per year

Original designs for new apparel, footwear, accessories, or other lines are created by fashion designers. Sketching out their conceptual designs, choosing the ideal fabrics and patterns, using their manufacturing abilities and processes to bring their creation to life, and lastly putting the pieces together into a collection that appeals to both consumers and retailers.

User experience (UX) designer

US average salary: US$90,967 per year

UX designers will be responsible for a variety of tasks like usability testing, interacting with their product team and the client, producing wireframes and sitemaps, and more. Their work strives to improve the user experience process through research, sketching, and the creation of a digital product prototype.

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