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Language Barrier, Expenses Are Deterring Indian Medical Students From Moving Out Of Ukraine

Medical students from India studying in Ukraine who have had their studies disrupted by the conflict are apparently receiving offers from colleges in neighbouring nations. Still, somehow, concerns like the language of teaching and cost continue to be a concern for students contemplating their transfer possibilities.

Hungary, Georgia, Poland, Armenia, and Russia are among the neighbouring nations that accept Indian students. According to The Times of India, Anubhav Chandel has paid his third-year fees in full at Vinnytsia Pirogov National Medical University, which has affected his choice not to transfer his degree to a neighbouring country until the National Medical Council issues instructions.

“Most of us have already paid for the entire third year’s fees,” said Chandel. “In Ukraine, we had to spend around Rs 4 lakh, but in other countries, such as Poland, the cost of education would be more, as their currency is over eight times stronger than Ukraine’s.”

An additional issue for Indian medical students considering transferring to a neighbouring nation is the lack of English-language courses. Swagata Sadhukhan, a student at Kyiv Medical University, told the newspaper that despite receiving calls, messages, and emails from agents and coordinators from several schools in neighbouring countries, she has worries about the quality of education at such institutions.

“We don’t know what the quality of education would be over there. We are in two minds whether to take up the offers right away and are, thus, opting to wait for a few more days,” said Sadhukhan.

The entrance criteria for medical programmes in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries varied. International students may not be needed to take an admission test in Russia or Poland, however, it may be necessary for some medical schools in Romania. Entrance tests are required in Hungary.

For example, Semmelweis University in Hungary “persists in conducting comprehensive admission examinations consisting of written tests and personal interviews, which allow us to reliably evaluate the applicants’ knowledge, abilities, motivation, and personality.”

Despite the fact that many colleges in neighbouring countries provide medical programmes in English, students may face difficulties during clinical rotations. Many physicians and nurses in Poland, for example, are said to be unable to communicate in English.

Ravi Kumar Koul, a study abroad adviser, earlier told that Indian MBBS students might transfer to other colleges in India or to universities in other countries, but he cautioned them to consider their options carefully.

Any government university would welcome these students, but they must be cautious since private universities would compete for them. The standard of education in private or semi-government universities is debatable, to say the least, and it is also prohibitively costly.

Students might get admitted to a different Ukrainian institution or opt to transfer to a medical school in another country, according to Akshay Chaturvedi, the founder of Leverage Edu, another study-abroad consultancy.

Since their healthcare and education infrastructures have improved over the last five years, medical schools in the West Indies, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia might be attractive transfer options. The massive movement of thousands of students has created a slew of problems, including the inability to submit documentation of their studies in Ukraine to alternative schools overseas.

Due to differences in curriculum and academic standards, Indian medical students with access to academic transcripts from their individual universities in Ukraine were unable to transfer to local colleges in India.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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