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International Study Fairs Entice Students As India Relaxes Covid Rules

International study fairs are all the rage in Mumbai and across India right now because of the opportunity they provide to thousands of students who want to study abroad. In the recent five months, Mumbai and other metros have hosted a slew of overseas study fairs, and the pace is upbeat, almost in revenge for the time wasted during Covid-19.

Although students have been known to attend these fairs to plan the most important years of their lives, international institutions make a beeline for the fairs because Indian students contribute the most to their coffers, and such events are the ideal place for the two to connect.

Typical education fairs have a big number of students and university officials, both of whom are attempting to gather information from one another. Students, in general, stated that while much of the information about the college is already available online, the fair allows them to meet the people who work there.

“By speaking with representatives, we gain an understanding of the types of people who work at the university. The vibes make a difference,” one pupil said. Another stated that she had begun discussions with a specific college in the United States but had gone to fairs to ensure her choice was correct and to simply look at other alternatives.

According to Joyce Isaac, an education consultant who owns Providence Education Advisory, foreign study fairs are frequently one-stop shops for students looking for more direct information about funding, scholarships, and papers.

“Consultants are highly involved in study fairs because they are frequently held under their umbrella. The resources of both institutions and consultants are pooled together to make these events happen,” Isaac explained, adding that study fairs are normally held once or twice a year, depending on the admission dates and schedules that follow.

The International Education Fair held at St Regis in Mumbai in November 2021 is one such example, with hundreds of students flocking to the hall to find the best university for them. “In terms of schooling abroad, India is the dominant market.”

When the Free Press Journal queried Azan Shaikh, a representative of the Norwich University of Arts, about the value of holding fairs in the city all year, he stated, “We do receive quality students from here.”

Aside from the typical suspects of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Romania, Ireland, and France were also participating.

The mix of universities featured at the St Regis expo was also evident at a Study USA Seminar in March 2022. The Netherlands, which attracts thousands of international students each year, was represented at the fair by the Tio University of Applied Sciences.

When FPJ spoke with Lotte Van Rijen, an International Relations officer at Tio University, she emphasised how, since the pandemic, the market’s potential for Indian and Asian students has increased tenfold. “We intend to make the Netherlands a large recipient of Indian students in the next years, which is why additional such fairs are vital,” Lotte Van Rijen said.

For a Full Sail University official, the exhibition provides an opportunity to learn about the trends in Indian foreign education as hopefuls express their objectives and questions. Since the year is only in its fourth month, there will be many more fairs in the form of sessions, webinars, and other events.

A Global Education Fair in May 2022 will allow students to study MBA without any work experience while also giving them the opportunity to meet university delegates; Crimson Education is taking it a step further by hosting a free webinar on April 23 with a showdown between US and UK universities; is hosting its 29th Admissions workshop for students aspiring to study in Canadian Universities from April 15 to 23.

Considering the busy months ahead, it will be interesting to observe how students and universities can make the greatest use of the chances that have gotten more competitive as the environment has become more competitive.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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