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Indian Students: Expense Of Studying In Canada

Attending college in any location, even online, comes with its fair share of unique experiences and life-changing knowledge.

Canada is one of the most popular international study destinations in the world, offering a wide range of experiences and possibilities in a country recognised for its ethnic towns, picturesque surroundings, dynamic city ambience, and natural beauty.

In this article, we will discuss the cost of studying in Canada as well as the Cost of living in Canada for Indian students, as well as offer a breakdown of the key costs.

When it comes to studying abroad, one of the most economical choices is Canada. The overall cost of studying in Canada, with tuition fees being the largest contribution, is slightly lower when compared to other well-known foreign study locations such as the United States and Australia.

Tuition prices vary by the University in Canada, but its estimate ranges from CAD 20,000 to CAD 30,000. Housing, transportation, food, and health insurance are all part of your living expenses, which vary depending on the Canadian city you choose to reside in.

Before we go into the specifics of the overall costs of studying in Canada, let us first obtain an overview of the cost of studying in Canada in Indian rupees.

The table below shows the Cost of Studying in Canada for Indian Students:

Types of Study CostApproximate Cost in INR
Undergraduate Courses6,46,000 INR – 16,15,000 INR
Postgraduate CoursesINR 9,54,000
Entrance Exam FeesINR 14,000 
Canada College Application FeesINR 11,000
Canada Visa Application FeeINR 4,500 

Cost of Study in Canada for (Bachelor’s Degree)

According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition for overseas undergraduate students is CA$29714 (US$22,500) per year. Humanities courses are often the least costly (costing an average of $5,542), but engineering and medicine are among the most expensive (costing an average of CA$21,717 (US$16,446) for dentistry and $14,162 (US$10,724) for medical). The annual fee for business and management courses is CA$6,827 (US$5,170), which is cheaper than the national average.

ProgramsAverage Annual Fees (in INR)Average Annual Fees (in CAD)
Engineering (UG Level)INR 18,17,000$31201.84
Arts (UG Level)INR 13,55,000$23268.29
Medicine Courses (UG Level)INR 17,50,000$30051.30
Nursing Courses (UG Level)INR 11,82,000$20297.51
Dentistry (UG Level)INR 30,52,000$52409.47
Humanities, Business & Management (UG Level)INR 15,45,900$26546.46
Law (UG Level)INR 17,90,000$30738.19
Diploma Courses (UG Level)INR 17,47,012$29999.99

Cost of Study in Canada for (Master’s Degree)

Tuition expenses for postgraduate studies are typically lower, however, this varies based on your program. According to Statistics Canada, the average postgraduate tuition cost for international students in 2019/20 is CA$17,744, which is roughly US$13,437; this is a 4% increase from the previous year.

Executive MBA Programs are usually the most costly, averaging approximately CA$56,328 (US$42,657) on average, while standard MBAs Cost CA$27,397 (US$20,747) on average. (You can read more about studying for an MBA in Canada Here).

ProgramsAverage Annual Fees (in INR)Average Annual Fees (in CAD)
Engineering (PG Level)INR 10,40,000$17859.06
Arts (PG Level)INR 7,95,000$13651.88
MBAINR 20,99,500 – INR 35,94,000$36052.98 – $61716.79
Management Courses (PG Level)INR 13,31,000$22856.16
Medicine Courses (PG Level)INA 1000000 – INR 1500000$ 17172.17 – $ 25758.26
Nursing Courses (PG Level)INR 8,71,000$14956.96
Dentistry (PG Level)INR 12,11,000$20795.50
Law (PG Level)INR 9,30,000$15970.12

The objective of providing these tuition price ranges for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes is to assist you in determining how much money you will need to study in Canada. You can choose the most suitable course for you from any preferred institution. Concentrate on finding a happy medium between your budget, tuition, and what you want to achieve out of your study programme.

Canada College Application Fees

A Canadian study permit is required for students who intend to apply to any university for academic or professional training. For courses lasting more than six months, study permission is necessary. Students who are admitted to a programme that lasts less than six months are recommended to apply for a study visa in case they wish to prolong their stay.

The application fee for a Study Permit is CAD150 (INR 8,542). The application cost is determined by the student’s nationality as well as the university to which they are applying. Along with the letter of admission and other documents, students are required to submit proof of funds and the Minimum Bank Balance Required to apply for a Canadian Student visa is INR 10,00,000 or more for one year.

Cost of living in Canada

Although Canadian student visa regulations indicate that you must have at least CA$10,000 (US$7,570) (or CA$11,000/US$8,300 if studying in Quebec) in addition to your tuition fees, you will most likely need considerably more for living expenses. Living expenses will vary greatly based on your location and lifestyle, with major cities typically being more costly to live in. According to the 2019 Mercer Cost of Living Survey, Toronto was the most expensive Canadian city to live in, closely followed by Vancouver, with rents in both cities notably high.

The expenses of the three main forms of student housing (homestay, university housing, and private housing) vary significantly, with students spending about CA$3,000-7,500 (US$2,271 – 5,680) each year for on-campus housing. Private shared housing can cost about CA$8,400 (US$6,361) per year, not including other expenses. University housing is frequently less expensive, and some colleges provide meal plans that allow you to purchase meals from the university’s food outlets.

While studying in Canada, you will be required to obtain mandatory health insurance. This will set you back about CA$600-800 (US$455-607) each year.

Types Of ExpensesCost in (CAD & INR)
Flight ExpenseINR 1,00,000- 2,00, 000/- per flight
Study Permit Fees$150 (INR 11,123)
Work Permit Fees$155 (INR 11,493) 
IELTS Test FeesINR 14,700
AccommodationCAD 5,000 – CAD 10,000(INR 2,67,000- INR 5,39,000) per annum
Travel CostsCAD 80 – CAD 110 (INR 4,300 – INR 6,000) per month
Health InsuranceCAD 300-CAD 800 (INR 17,000-INR 44,000)
FoodCAD 300- CAD 400 [17,508 INR-23,344] (monthly)
EntertainmentCAD 750 [43,770 INR] (monthly)

Scholarship to Study in Canada

With so many Indian students applying to Canadian institutions, different facilities and exemptions have been made available to help them. These scholarships assist Indian and foreign students in decreasing the expenditure and cost to study in Canada. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, academic performance, or potential abilities. Students must review the qualifying requirements for each award and apply appropriately.

The following is a List of Popular Scholarships available for Indian Students in Canada.

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program
  • President’s Scholarship for World Leaders
  • International Leader of Tomorrow Award
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF)
  • The Seneca Renewable Entrance Scholarship of Merit for International Students
  • Assist-on Scholarship
  • Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Canada offers a fresh and distinct viewpoint in the realm of education due to its many dynamics. Students contribute substantially to Canada’s economy, the government is especially concerned with education regulation, and several Canadian institutions rank among the world’s top 100.

The government has spent about AUD 300 million on scholarships, grants, and prizes to help students. With our aid, you may enjoy the coasts and live an exciting life in Canada.

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Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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