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Immigrate to Canada as a Lawyer

A lawyer or attorney is a person who practices or studies law especially a solicitor or a barrister or an attorney.

Canada is in need of a significant number of skilled workers to reduce its vital labour market shortages but immigrating to Canada through employment is not a simple task. One of the qualified occupations is of a lawyer who can practice under a number of titles. If you are already a lawyer in your homeland, you may need to transform your credentials and experience to meet the needs of Canadian lawyers. 

Refer the article to know more if you are planning to migrate to Canada as a Lawyer.

Canadian Lawyer Requirements

To begin your career as a lawyer in Canada, you will need 2 to 4 years of a university programme and a law degree from an accredited law school. You will then be expected to complete the articling period, the bar admission course and the test, and to be licensed in the province/territory where you intend to practice. You will need to complete an application process that tells local employers that you are qualified to recruit.

Job Description

A lawyer can represent and direct clients in criminal or civil cases and provide evidence to defend them. Lawyers perform legal study and are trained to interpret rules, legislation and decisions. They also create legal documents such as wills, contracts, deeds, appeals and lawsuits.

Average salary of a Lawyer in Canada could be approximately between $73K – $125K CAD.

Converting your Qualifications

If you are going to practise law in Canada, you would need to have recognised credentials. This recognition allows you to pass the Canadian bar exam and complete an application process that tells local employers that you are eligible to recruit. You may apply at any time to be assessed as a separate immigration procedure.

Apply for assessment through the following process:

  1. Start an online application form, paying $400 CAD for processing.
  2. Submit.
  3. Academic marksheet;
  4. Certificates of membership from regional authorities;
  5. Transcripts from local regulatory authorities with results of tests or other courses;
  6. IELTS scores 7 if the experience is in a language other than French or English.

Express Entry

Express Entry is a tailored method for those wanting to immigrate to Canada as a professional worker. Express Entry is a point-based system that lists you in the Express Entry pool. Individuals who are invited are able to move via jobs and acquire permanent residence.

Express Entry CRS Score is based on four things:

  • Level of education
  • Language proficient
  • Age
  • Work experience 

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Provincial Nominee Programs are a solid pick if you have an eye to settle in a province/territory. A PNP enables a region to nominate a competent skilled worker for immigration to its province on the basis of the requirements set by the government of that province.

Apart from this, every province and territory in Canada benefits from free basic education and public healthcare. Canada is also known for its diversity and high quality of living. So if you are a lawyer and plan to settle in Canada with your family, it could be an ideal option for you. As laws are complex, it is recommended to seek help from an immigration expert while paving your career in Canada.

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