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Immigrants To Canada Should Consider Applying For ECA, Re-Credentialing While On Study, Work Permit

Canada is one of the countries where immigrants must recertify their credentials in order to work or study there. Those planning to travel to Canada for study or a job should keep the necessary documents available in case they are requested for them throughout the immigration process.

Re-credentialing is the term used to describe this certification process. This is accomplished with the use of an ECA or educational credential assessment. The bulk of Canada’s skilled immigration programs requires applicants with professional or business expertise in another nation to re-credential.

Below are some crucial elements about the procedure that immigrants entering Canada must go through, such as the price and time required.

For Immigrants Who Want To Work

The main goal is to have an immigrant’s (foreign-earned) credentials evaluated to determine whether they fit Canadian standards. Prospective immigrants can also check ahead of time to see if their credentials gained in their home country (for example, India) are sufficient for what Canada requires.

An early assessment might assist them to determine if their skills need to be upgraded before embarking on the adventure. If their skills fall short of Canadian requirements, immigrants will be required to re-credential. Depending on the field, profession, or trade chosen, the methods will differ.

For Immigrants Who Want To Study

Each country’s Designated Learning Institution (DLI) has its unique set of standards. Some of them may require degrees from approved educational institutions. Others may request specific items for specific classes. Some students may require confirmation of an immigrant’s linguistic competency. This evaluation is occasionally performed by institutions themselves. In such instances, the immigrant is not required to obtain an educational credential assessment.

Some international credentials are accepted by a lot of Canadian institutions, therefore it’s a good idea to call/email ahead of time.

What Is ECA About?

Essentially, this is beneficial when one immigrates with the goal of furthering one’s education. However, it can also benefit job seekers when an employer wishes to verify an applicant’s qualifications. The assessor looks at the applicant’s degree, certificate, diploma, and/or experience. The goal is to determine whether it meets Canadian standards.

Regulated Professions in Canada

For working in Canada, one must be registered by the country’s relevant provincial authorities. It is worth noting that Canada regulates a variety of crafts and professions. Among them are architects, pharmacists, doctors, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters.

Many of these are restricted in certain places but not in others. As a result, a license issued in one location may not be valid in another, necessitating the acquisition of several licenses.

Several of these occupations necessitate taking a written exam or undergoing a period of supervised training. They may also assess an immigrant’s language and communication abilities. The re-credentialing process for some professions, such as doctors, can be rather difficult. Given all of this, it is prudent to conduct one’s own research before arriving in Canada.

For those who fail the test

Those who are unable to pass the recertification process have the option of obtaining additional training or education. Physicians who have practised overseas or completed a residency program, for example, might apply for a “practice-ready examination.”

There, one works for 12 weeks with an experienced physician who assesses the immigrant’s ability levels and assists the newcomer in adjusting to Canadian norms.

How to get an ECA and what it costs

There are proper channels for obtaining an ECA. Education qualification checks must be performed by a body approved by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. The process also involves five general organizations and two speciality organizations for certain professions. Obtaining an ECA can take some time.

Once obtained, it is valid for five years. The ECA must be completed again after five years. Most professions require an ECA, which can cost up to $200. Physician/pharmacist evaluations are frequently more expensive.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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