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How To Rent A Place In France?

Finding a place to live is difficult no matter where you are, but it’s even harder in a foreign country.

A survey has shown that almost a quarter of France’s population rents, which includes people who have moved to France either for school or work. Homeowners who rent out their homes may use agencies and brokers who use websites to connect tenants with landlords.

There are several places where people typically prefer to rent, which are:

Paris – As the capital of France, there is much going on in the city, making it a popular town for both foreigners and locals. It is one of the most expensive cities in France.

Montpellier – This is a more relaxed city, unlike Paris, and is much more affordable

Nice – Just like every city that can be found on the coast, Nice is a trendy location due to its climate and beautiful scenery. Life there is equally as slow as that in Montpellier but more expensive.

The Process of Renting an Apartment

While looking for an apartment for either school or work, it is essential to take a few days and keep in mind a few external factors. Reviews have shown that the ideal time for apartment-hunting in France is between May and July because most landlords take their holidays and vacations in August.

For those planning to move to France for school purposes, the most challenging time seems to be September and October. Students start with a new semester, while the real estate market usually slows down toward December.

There are a few ways that one can look for and get an apartment:

Online – Thanks to the internet, apartment hunting can be a convenient process, especially for people moving to France for the first time or simply moving to a new area in town. Online searching would work best for international students continuing their studies or those who are going to work there.

If you are enrolling in a school and want to find student accommodation, the internet might be an ideal place for you to start. Many landlords and agencies post pictures of vacant houses with details like area, size and price. However, it is essential to look out for scam websites that sometimes even charge money to just view the house.

Real Estate Agent – The most common way people get an apartment is through a real estate agent, depending on your budget. Real estate agents charge a fee that might go up to a whole month’s rent, but the process is more straightforward since they do the searches depending on your preferences. If you are working for a short time, then a real estate agent will help you get an apartment at your ideal time.

Network – It is essential to talk to friends and colleagues to see how they might help and if they might have an idea on where there would be an excellent vacant house or apartment. Word of mouth is very helpful when it comes to locating an empty house. Networking would be more convenient for someone who knows people in France.

Magazines and Newspapers – Look in the classified sections of magazines and newspapers, as well as advertisements for houses for rent. Since the competition might be high, if you want to get a hold of the house, it is essential to get a copy of the classifieds and call the landlord to schedule a viewing as soon as possible and possibly give a deposit to secure the house.

There are different housing types available depending on the size and the design. Here are some of the kinds of housing options found in France:

Studio Apartments – A studio apartment comprises a large room enough to hold a bed, a couch, a kitchen and a bathroom. It combines all needed rooms in one. Studio apartments can either be furnished or not furnished. A studio apartment is ideal for a young professional, student or somebody who is living by themselves.

Flat Shared – Also known as shared apartments, they allow two people or more to live in the same unit. Getting an apartment by yourself might be hectic, especially while looking for an apartment for a certain price range in a specific city.

Student Residence Room – Students’ residences are either publicly or privately owned. These rooms are usually furnished and have lower prices. They are built around social amenities to suit young people.

Requirements for renting a flat in France while you are a foreigner may involve a copy of your passport or visa, a copy of your job contract or recent payslip as required by your landlord, a guarantor and their copy of a payslip, and a university letter if you are a student.

For more data on the requirements, take a look at this website to get more information on how to rent an apartment in France easily.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purposes only.

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