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How to Immigrate to the United States as an Architect

Suppose you are looking towards immigrating to the United States as an Architect. In that case, you have an advantage as the US is considered one of the best places to work if you have architectural skills. Also, North America is the destination which pays the highest amount of money to Architects across the world. 

By definition, an Architect is the one who plans, designs and supervises the construction of a building. They can also help restore historic buildings or find an innovate way to remodel existing ones or use space around them. Architects are involved in the construction of a building from initial planning phases until completion and maintenance of the structure. 

Requirements for a United States Lawyer

The general process to become a qualified architect in the United States is to attend and graduate with an architecture degree, followed by an architect internship, participating in the Architectural Experience Program, and finally passing the Architect Registration Exam. 

Each State in the United States has varied requirements for becoming an Architect. Suppose a foreigner wants to become an Architect in the United States. In that case, they need to decide a State where they want to work in, then join the Architectural Experience Program and pass the Architect Registration Exam. Popular states where immigrants work as an architect are New York, Massachusetts, Texas and Arizona as they have high wages and flexible requirements for foreign architects. 

The SOC Code for Architects is 17-1010 of the Major Occupation Category of “Architecture and Engineering Operations” with the average salary of $76,000 per year. 

Steps to Immigrate to the US to be an Architect

1) Get an Immigration Lawyer – You would have to fulfil a lot of requirements and documents for immigrating and working in the US. An Immigration Lawyer will have you straighten out the complexities in the process, acquire required paperwork and find the best path to reach the United States. 

2) Select a State to live – The requirement for working as an architect in each state is different, so select a state which meets your criteria. 

3) Enroll in Architectural Experience Program – This program is to ensure the applicants pursuing architecture have gained the right skills and knowledge

4) Pass the Architect Registration Exam – Need to pass the Architecture Registration Exam to be a licensed Architect 

Visa categories for Architects Immigrating to the US – 

1) Permanent Residency – You can have several options in this category based on your unique scenario 

2) Working Visa – H-1B Visa is used to employee eligible educated professionals like architects and work in the United States 

3) Transfer Visa – Several countries have a treaty with the United States to Immigrate their citizens. For example, Mexican can get the TN Visa, Australians the E-3 Visa, Singaporeans and Chilians the H-1B1 Visa and citizens from 50 other countries can apply for E-3 or E-1 Visa.

4) Training Visa – F-1 Student Visa, which allows 1-year training with OPT after graduating or J-1 Exchange visitor trainee Visa. 

5) Artist Visa – O1-B Visa, also called the Artist Visa. It is challenging to obtain. You may have to demonstrate excellence by an award or other method or remarkably high salary. 

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