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How to be ready for your first winter in Canada?

Canada is situated in the northern part of North America and is also referred to as the Great white north due to its chilly and snowy winters. Winters in Canada are quite extreme but people can get used to Canadian weather easily. If you’re a Canadian immigration aspirant, this article will guide and educate you on everything that you should know to get ready for your first winter in Canada.

The winter temperature in Canada:

Canadian winters are very harsh and it gets freezing cold. Temperatures in most Canadian provinces stay below zero degrees Celsius, and can also go even lower till -5 to -15 degrees Celsius. In some regions of Canada, where the harshest winters are experienced, the temperature during winter can even go below an astounding -30 degrees Celsius.

Winter months of Canada:

The onset of winter in Canada begins in late November. The months of December, January, and February are considered to be most cold. The winter weather generally lasts till late March or early April.

Weather Forecasts in Canada

There are various mobile apps available in Canada which can help you stay up to date on the weather condition every day and warns you about any snowstorms or blizzards in areas near you.

Winter Clothing for Canada

Winters in Canada can get very cold and snowy, because of which you should always wear proper warm winter clothing with snow boots every time you step outside in winter.

Preparing your home for winter in Canada:

To make sure that you’ll be warm and to avoid getting frostbite during winter, you should check if the indoor heating systems in your residence is up to date and working properly and seal off any cracks or holes in your house to ensure that no outside air can penetrate your walls and the warm air inside doesn’t escape out.

Adjusting to Canada’s winter can be quite daunting for a newcomer, but one can adjust and adapt to it with time and proper knowledge about Canadian winter as well as making the necessary preparations to stay warm and safe during winters.

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