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How the result of the U.S. election impact Canadian immigration?

There is yet no clear winner determined in the ongoing election for the presidency between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the United States of America.

What does it mean for the U.S. immigration?

According to the viewpoints of various experts and ideologies of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden, It can be assumed that if Trump wins this election, Canada will attract even more global talent due to harsh immigration rules set under Trump’s administration, whereas if Biden wins the election and is elected as the president, United States of America will yet again become one of the top countries attracting talent from all around the world because of Biden’s immigrant-friendly policies.

What does it mean for Canadian immigration?

Canada is the country that has cemented its place as a hotspot for attracting global talent and skilled workers in recent years. Canadian immigration won’t be affected much irrespective of the winner of the U.S. election as Canada has many advantages over the U.S, which won’t be changed no matter who wins the election.

Advantages of Canada over the U.S. in respect to welcoming Immigrants:

Canada has revealed in its recent Immigration levels Plan 2021-23 that it is going to target around 400,000 immigrants per year from 2021. With a total population of 38 million and a labor force of around 20 million, Canada invites 60 percent of immigrants under the skilled workers class, 25 percent under the family class, and 15 percent as refugees.

The U.S. invites about 1 million immigrants per year. With a population of 330 million and a labor force of around 160 million, 10 percent are welcomed under the skilled workers class, 70 percent under the family class, and 14 percent as refugees.

This figure suggests that Canada’s labor force is eight times smaller than that of the United States, yet it welcomes twice the number of immigrants under the skilled workers class and 20 times more on a per capita basis.

With many competitors for the green card spot in the U.S and no guarantee of receiving it, top talents across the world are attracted to Canada due to its immigrant-friendly policies and easy permanent residence process. Canada offers certainty to the immigrants as it has various systems such as the Express Entry and PNP system, which lets the federal and provincial governments select candidates for permanent residence according to the labor market requirements.

Also, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Canada has issued various statements time and again to solidify its belief in immigration to fight the economic crisis caused by the pandemic whereas, U.S policymakers prefer slowing the flow of immigrants to the country in order to focus on economic recovery.

These are the key factors that still make Canada the most preferred choice for immigration for aspirants all around the globe, irrespective of the winner of the U.S. election.

Vyom Bhatt

Vyom Bhatt

An introverted millennial fueled by coffee and literature, keen on finding his way to the top by amassing every bit of knowledge this world has to offer.

Vyom is a BSC graduate from NUV. He has a good knowledge of the Canadian immigration system as he is a future Canadian immigration aspirant and is about to pursue a Master’s degree in Canada.

He is intrigued by novels and comics since he was a kid, has written several blogs on various topics, and loves to write in his free time.

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