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Has the Green Card curse finally been lifted for Indians?

By 2019, the backlog of green cards affected more than 800,000 applicants. More than 60% of these were Indians. The waiting period is largely due to the annual budget, which has remained unchanged since 1990. The border of each country was set long before the Indians became the largest beneficiaries of green cards due to the IT boom, sending a thousand-year concern in the year 2000. American business leaders believe that the backlog could push Indian skilled workers out of the system and force them to pursue nationalism elsewhere. 

The law to abolish 7% deficit in each country for green card applicants failed to reconcile at the end of Congress. The law would have ended the long wait for thousands of green card applicants. The bill would allow foreign-born immigrants outside of India to apply for green cards. This kind of prejudice is not in line with the principles of the migration program. The US Senate passed the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act – in December 2020. 

President Biden has submitted a full immigration bill to Congress on his first day in office. The bill, the Citizenship Act of 2021, if passed into law will help thousands of Indian IT professionals get out of the long lines of green card waitlists. The Bill proposes to eradicate the backlog of foreign nationals through their employment by reducing them completely. It also prioritizes keeping families together and growing the country’s economy. The White House, is considering a second approach, which is more gradual, so there is a possibility that parts of the immigration reform may be delivered through one Congress at a time, or in smaller packages. 

At present, many green-card Indians are opting for a green EB-5 card that requires at least US $ 900,000 to invest in eligible projects at Regional Centers. Indians seeking this visa category will also benefit if the value of each country, as contemplated in the Bill, is removed. Biden officials recently announced the initial registration schedule for the installation of the FY 2022 H-1B cap. The influential immigrant group representing American Indians has urged authorities not to grant H-2B visas to people born in India. Authorities have not yet responded to this request and will likely be delayed in issuing a new H-1B visa to Indians. Indians, especially IT professionals continue to be an important tool in the ever-growing IT industry. 

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