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Four Useful Tips For Getting A Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship

By Yash Yadav

A scholarship letter of recommendation is a crucial part of a scholarship application. Anyway, for what reason is this necessary, particularly in the wake of filling in a tiresome scholarship application, including that nerve-racking scholarship essay?

The reason is simple- a mind-blowing scholarship letter of recommendation creates a strong picture of you as a person overall. When the scholarship letter creates a good impact on why you are fit for a dream university – through skills, character or other forms of contributions, you are more likely to be selected for the scholarship.

The million-dollar question is: how do you go about obtaining a scholarship letter of recommendation? The four suggestions are given below:

1. Identify Who Should Write This Letter

The best choice is someone who knows you well like a teacher, employer or mentor. The best recommender is your teacher since you are applying for a scholarship to study in a university, and universities, as a rule, need to know what you were like.

Apart from your academic activities teacher should be in a better position to share information regarding your contribution or involvement in school. Assuming that you are applying for a masters program, your teacher or lecturer to write about your research skills abilities.

You must prepare a list of recommenders just in case they decline your request as they don’t know you well. Few scholarships require more than one recommendation letter.

2. Plan For This Early

The common mistake people do is to leave this letter doe the last minute. If you do not have this letter in your hand by the given deadline, then you won’t be able to get enrolled in your dream university.

It would be best to contact your recommender four weeks prior to your scholarship letter deadline that gives them an ample amount of time to write a powerful letter.

3. Give Useful Details

Once you have fixed your recommender you should proper them with proper details such as who-and how- to send the letter to, the deadline, and so on.

It would be quite helpful if you can explain to them what is required in the scholarship letter-for instance, your academic abilities, your research skills or even your achievements.

You should share with them your CV and transcript letter, which will help them to write a more convincing letter of recommendation.

4. Thank Them

Everyone fancies ‘Thank You’-that makes them feel loved and valued. After the recommender has spent their precious time writing your letter make sure to thank them.

This will make them realize that you appreciate them and they will be willing to write more letters in the future.

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